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    Airstrikes and Slime Balls

    There is No UN backing there is No Westminster backing there is No transparency and there is No process. The strikes on Syria have little […]

    Mike Small 14th Apr'18 19
  • International

    The Importance of Afrîn

    ‘No friends but the mountains’ goes an old Kurdish saying, and as Turkey starts a ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrîn in Syria, it seems to ring […]

    Sarah Glynn 22nd Jan'18 0
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    Syria’s Disappeared

    I was first confronted with the fate of political prisoners in Syria fifteen years ago. To this day, I am grateful for the conversations with […]

    Bente Scheller 3rd Aug'17 0
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    Don’t Get Nostalgic for Obama

    So, let’s get the fun observations about Trump over with first. In no particular order, he’s a six times bankrupt, self-confessed  sexual predator,  racist, anti-muslim,  […]

    Jim Bennett 21st Nov'16 18
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    This is what democracy looks like

    Sarah Glynn – member of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan was part of a Scottish delegation to the Democratic Union Party Congress in Brussels, discussing the democratic […]

    Sarah Glynn 30th Sep'16 2
  • Arts & Culture
    Chris Cairns 21st Sep'16 6
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    The Right of Protest

    Three Syrian students charged with resisting arrest and assaulting police officers at a Glasgow protest have been cleared after a senior Sheriff branded the police […]

    James Doleman 29th May'16 9
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    War is Coming

    Today we publish the first of our series of ebooks. “The rotting sore of Iraq, the spreading fires of Syria, the disaster of Libya are […]

    27th Apr'16 14
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    All the Lost Wars

    The first of our series of ebooks, War is Coming launches at the Voodoo Rooms next week. Book your tickets here. The book charts the […]

    Gordon Guthrie 22nd Apr'16 3
  • International
    Idrees Ahmad 28th Feb'16 53
  • Refugee Crisis

    Pictures of a Mass Exodus

    Photographer Harry Chun traveled to Istanbul, where he joined a group of Syrian and Iraqi refugees on their quest to reach Germany, by raft. The […]

    Mike Small 8th Feb'16 1
  • Fresh Thinking
    John S Warren 2nd Dec'15 19
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    What is to be done about Syria?

    After Paris, Syria can no longer be ignored. French president Francois Hollande has declared his country at war. World leaders are scrambling to find a […]

    Muhammad Idrees Ahmad 26th Nov'15 211
  • International

    The Autonomous Region of Rojava

    Away from the headlines, Kurdish rebels are establishing self-rule in war-torn Syria in moves which resemble the Zapatista experience and providing a democratic alternative for […]

    Ulrike Flader 9th Oct'14 3
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