nintchdbpict0002759245761“Listen to the speeches and the corridor conversations in Davos and it is hard to avoid the impression that the west — as a political concept — is on the point of collapse.” – from a Financial Times report at the World Economic Forum.

In a year of unlikely heroes, think Fraser Nelson’s Spartacus moment as ‘tenement Scot’ standing up to John Cleese’s unhinged Tweeting back in October, or Gary Lineker, who famously stood up to the Sun and other toxic tabloids on social media saying: “In the wake of newspaper front pages earlier this week that questioned the ages of child migrants being admitted to join their families in the UK, Lineker had said: “The treatment by some towards these young refugees is hideously racist and utterly heartless. What’s happening to our country?” [see also ‘Show Us your Teeth’]

Now Theresa May in the billionaire’s hangout at Davos, with her Hedgefund Husband and her £1000 trousers, is standing up for the poor. She said:

“…we have embarked on an ambitious agenda of social reform that embraces the same principles. Active, engaged government that steps up and works for everyone”
– some of you may have missed that bit.

“Because if you are someone who is just managing – just getting by – you don’t need a government that will get out of the way. You need an active government that will step up and champion the things that matter to you”
– is she thinking of sanctions there? Answers on a postcard.

“Too often today, the responsibilities we have to one another have been forgotten as the cult of individualism has taken hold”
– this might have something to do with the values of rampant individualism cultivated by your party over decades?

“Because talk of greater globalisation can make people fearful. For many, it means their jobs being outsourced and wages undercut. It means having to sit back as they watch their communities change around them”
– aw, it’s touching, isn’t it?

“It means businesses paying their fair share of tax, recognising their obligations and duties to their employees and supply chains, and trading in the right way; companies genuinely investing in – and becoming part of – the communities and nations in which they operate”.

She says this as if she was Fraser Nelson, Gary Lineker or Lily Allen, some side-bit celebrity or media commentator rather than the Prime Minister of ‘Great & Global Britain’  with the ability to control and enforce taxation.

This sort of do-gooding sits oddly beside her wider stated agenda of Britain as a tax haven and her presiding over a punitive benefits sanction and tax-cuts for the rich.

Her bizarre name-dropping of a trade deal with New Zealand – population 4.5 million (whoop!) may also leave you underwhelmed.

You can listen to her whole speech here:

Davos is just a hygge-onesie for the virtue-signalling super-rich and their political cohorts.

As we will see at the global inauguration this afternoon a new order is arriving and resistance is vital. Nobody in their right minds would believe the kindness of Mother Theresa.