Stuart Paterson is ane o the maist vital, vocal an virrsome poets oan the Scottish scene. He screives baith in English an Scots, anent a braid sweep o subjects.

At the enn o July he wis makit the official makar fir BBC Scotland.

He wis mibbie no the loon ye’d hae thocht wid get sic an establishement role. He seems an owre risky appointment. Stuart isnae feart tae caa oot hypocrisy an evil when it rears its heid, baith owreseas an here at hame. His voice wis loud in the clash afore an efter the failed 2014 referendum.

His poetry isnae aloof, It isnae awa wi itsel. When ye read it the voice chap richt at yir lug, garin ye tak tent o ilka syllable. So fair pley tae the BBC fir gien a braw poet the recognition he deserves, an gien the people o Scotland a makar o worth.

Bella Caledonia are gey chuffed tae hae a poem fae Stuart, Fash, that is published here fir the furst time.

Oan yirsel Stuart, dae us prood!




The nicht the warl hirples on as aye –
the girns o yowes an peeps o whaups ootby,
a wheen o keech distrackins on a screen,
an owre-early morn pu’in at ma een.
Ah daurnae watch the news for fear Ah’ll tent
the hail warl stert tae birl an low an sklent
an tuim us aa richt doon the sheugh o it –
no yet. Ah haenae seen eneuch o it,
nor leeved eneuch nor luved eneuch nor tellt
nor spiered nor kent nor grat nor flew nor felt
eneuch, nor duin wi girnin in ma dwyne,
nor tellt her whae Ah’d tell it ane last time.

This isnae Syria nor fremit fields
whaur coupit biggans gie nae kinna bield,
whaur weans are deid an stervin, bombed an burnt
ilk day an nicht in cities whummelt, kirnt
an blootered in the names o whae kens whit.
Ah’m no fae there, hae nae idea o it.
Ah’m cooried in a quait hoose safe an baukit
in launs untouched bi missile, tank an rocket,
the morn anither day o dootsumness,
bills peyed, lichts on, the denner in the press,
nae fash but whit Ah bring tae it, nae fash
ayont the ilkaday o stour an snash.

Nae bombs nor missiles bleeze the strand alicht,
nor will the morn nor ony other nicht
but coogled in ma bed wi een shut ticht
Ah’m fashin that
they micht
they micht
they micht
ربما أنها سوف *

* Arabic – perhaps they will

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