In the week of the now annual GERS ‘debate’ it’s worth getting some perspective from the much derided ‘experts’.

Richard Murphy has just re-posted an excerpt from his Holyrood Select Committee appearance on GERS last year. It very concisely summarises the issues for anyone to understand.

“The simple fact is the amount that is known about Scottish taxation is very little indeed”.

“Put it bluntly, inside GERS 25 of the 26 income figures are estimates”.

It’s amusing the way political argument changes. Until very recently GERS was considered a cast-iron authoritative reference with which to deride and lampoon Scotland’s economy [the Express hasn’t got the memo]. It’s now considered in a completely different light.

To be a ‘GERS denialist’ was an insult, now to believe in these figures as anything other than abstracted projections makes you look like a propagandist.

This is not to say that Scotland doesn’t or wont face financial or economic challenges, which we clearly do and will do. Saying “everything will be fine when we’re indy” is as dumb as saying “Scotland is a basket case cos these figures we made up says so”.

Please watch and share.

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