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  • Economics

    Murphy on GERS

    In the week of the now annual GERS ‘debate’ it’s worth getting some perspective from the much derided ‘experts’. Richard Murphy has just re-posted an […]

    Mike Small 25th Aug'17 11
  • Economics

    The GERS Debate (concluded)

    Richard Murphy at Holyrood on the deficiencies of the #GERS figures. Richard Murphy at Holyrood on #GERS, and gets a couple of wee digs at […]

    Mike Small 19th Apr'17 8
  • Economics

    Beyond GERS

    The Scottish independence debate has been ill served by the annual (or, in the case of 2016, twice annual) focus on GERS (the Government Expenditure […]

    Craig Dalzell 22nd Nov'16 11
  • Commentary

    The Black Black Oil

    Oil is a geological event, democracy is a system of governance. One is not dependent on the other, though they are not mutually exclusive. Oil […]

    Mike Small 11th Mar'16 40
  • Economics

    Standard but Poor

    With the publication of the 2012/13 GERS figures this morning, the fiscal case for Scottish independence has ‘collapsed’. Or so says Iain Gray, Scottish Labour’s […]

    James Maxwell 12th Mar'14 8
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