JK Rowling – a talented writer and generous philanthropist who has popularised children reading – is frequently slightly unhinged about politics. In a confused twitter rant this morning she said:


As well as being a disservice to poor old George Orwell, who seems to be rolled out everysinglebloodyday to be pressed into service by the misguided and ignorant to defend their politics, the statements just don’t make any sense.

In almost every conceivable sense the two referendums were exact opposites in content and form.

The Scottish referendum was deliberately inclusive and participatory, diverse and engaged.

The Brexit referendum was a top-down campaign run by some of the richest men in Britain.

The Scottish referendum was rich in content, detail and complexity and poured over by both sides over a long time period.

The Brexit referendum was a farrago of lies and distortion characterised by (now discredited) propaganda.

The Scottish campaign published a 650 White Paper in advance of the vote available to every household.

People still don’t know what on earth the Brexit will mean, other than the clues gleaned from the unfolding shambles.

The Scottish referendum was internationally praised for the peaceful and orderly conduct of the campaign, the Brexit vote descended into violence on more than one occasion and has precipitated ‘highest spike in religious and racial hate crimes ever recorded’.

The notion of JK Rowling as some kind of champion of political change and social justice is best summed up by Frankie Boyle:

… and if anyone is wondering about the similarities between the two campaigns, there are many: mostly the broken promises and complete deceit perpetrated by those defending the status quo.

Here’s Stephen Paton from two years ago with a refresher …



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