We are entering the last few hours of our annual fund-raising campaign. We aim to raise money to use the platform Bella has to reach new audiences with new content focused around short films, animations and artworks – the content that has the biggest impact.

This is not to replace our current written work, but to improve and expand it.

Look at the work of  groups like @ruplty @nowthisnews @VICE for examples. Imagine that in a Scottish context.

We’re really proud of our ten years of writing content, some highlights of which you can see here.

In fact some artist guy (also known as our friend Stewart) made a poster celebrating all our writers here.

Also, here’s a Film where we outline everything that’s wrong with the universe.

Also, here’s an Interview where I rant about the future.

And then there’s a blog where Shaun explains why I might be a bit of a smug **** but you should probably support us anyway….

Also here’s a bit of backing for Bella in Gaelic from Rona MacDonald.

Also here’s Jim Monaghan saying why he thinks we’re worth backing.

Also you can make a donation by cheque or set up a monthly payment. Go here to do that.

Also here’s three other reasons to support us. And if you don’t like them here’s another five reasons to do so.


Go here to make a donation to our crowd fund appeal. Thank you!







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  1. Adam Winstanley says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “alternative Scottish media” as I don’t understand the subsequent post that is making political points which I do not want to get consumed by. I wish to focus on media & journalism in a modern democracy and address the problem of innovation in the sector, to counter the monopolies we have on all sides. This is the only reason I have donated money to Bella Caledonia as I see the potential for the group to be part of an exciting new way of consuming information that is not necessarily bound by traditional bias systems. I hope Bella doesn’t fall down the same trap as old media companies have and follow the same failed model’s of picking a political position over focusing on good quality journalism. The fact I have to give away my name and email address to be able to comment on this, is a prime example of the lack of innovation there is with media groups in the UK. My advice is to be more ambitious and do not simply copy systems that are used by others to try and save money, build your own that works for the people of Scotland and the UK. We have vast amounts of talent in this area that could mean world class journalism in Scotland.

    1. Hi Adam – your email address isn’t seen by the public and you could make up any name you like (!). Thanks very much for your support.

      1. Adam says:

        Ok, well it took 24hours for the first comment to even be visible, nobody uses it really, only your Facebook group has active engagement, which is a mess because you use it in the wrong way (groups are not for media channels, you need a page not a group). I won’t get into the problems with using Facebook as that education will need to be for another day as I can see Bella is obbsessed with it and survives only because of it, which is a real shame as I really believe you have refreshing talent, albehiet maybe miss directed talent. Suffice to say the Facebook group just puts most people off or stirs up pointless misinterpreted argument. Main reason for this is because of the way you have set it up and the Facebook algorithms which send constant notifications to members as friends are also members, hence why you should not be a Group but a page. Even then Facebook is just a window to something else not a platform for debate. The website interface has several bugs, I won’t get into but it’s clear that there is little innovation in the digital development of your organisation and you follow others rather than creating your own path. Get the vast talent we have of young developers to help, give them real authority to make structural changes and maybe you will get a modern, functional media platform. If nothing else pay professionals to refocus the strategy, get away from WordPress (that’s for individuals and small business, not a media organisation). I am sorry to be technical and negative but these are very important points, not political ones which will enable your great writing to grow and avoid disenfranchised factions of all sorts of political views. Level the field and make it the best UE online. Currently it’s just wildly frustrating and that shows in the comments which are often very angry. Passionate but anger, caused by frustration. Anyway I really wish you luck in resolving these things, I hope you survive next 10 years. I’ll check this comment in 24hours. (Get used logins, CMS). Have a good Thursday!

        1. Hi Adam, thanks for your comments and feedback.

          We have a page as well as a group.

          See here:

  2. R Smith says:

    I have donated by bank transfer, a method I would hope most people would use as there is no skimming off the top. Always find something to interest me most days so money well spent.

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