John Lamont talking tough whilst scrabbling about for credibility on BBC Radio this morning was as funny and as tragic as his colleague, the unfortunate Douglas Ross with his pint of cold sick.


Mr Lamont had previously said:

“Brexit is a huge opportunity for our fishing communities including those in my constituency. After the implementation period is over, full control over our waters must come back to the United Kingdom from Brussels.

“Anything less will be a betrayal of our fishing communities who voted for Brexit in large numbers.”

To be absolutely clear the message being put out by by Ross and Lamont is:

  • I have no power in my party
  • I can’t represent you as a community
  • I am intentionally powerless
  • I am functionally useless

No doubt it’s an absolute betrayal – but it’s also a beautiful revelation.

And as Bertie Armstrong and others indulge in mess self-delusion that the deal will somehow be changed further down the road, we have Jacob Rees-Mog channeling Salvador Dali, Ivor Cutler and Erica Cantona throwing dead fish off a trawler into the Thames.

This is Bertie Wooster meets Bertie Armstrong and confirmation that British politics is high farce and Brexit is a Performance Art piece titled ‘Elite Rule has Failed’.

With the BBC’s Nick Robinson talking of “British fish in British waters” (no doubt grinning from gill to gill about their new Blue passports) this is confirmation that we have descended into a land of unrestrained British Nationalism which is going to have real trouble coping with the reality of deals brokered by hard-nosed and pissed-off European negotiators.





MPs like Lamont and Ross now have a choice, stand up for what they purport to believe in and oppose the Brexit bill, or expose themselves as craven impotent MPs elected on a tissue of lies.