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Give Trump the Welcome He Deserves

Graphic artist Stewart Bremner is providing a range of free posters for the Trump visit. You just click ‘Add to Cart’ to download the printable version, so you can make your own copy to take to your protest.

You can choose from one of twenty free designs here.

This is a free A3 poster to download to print out at home. It is strictly not for resale.

Please consider giving him some donation for all his great work. A donation will buy some more time for him to create more free posters and social media graphics.




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  1. Jac gallacher says:

    Nice one Stewart x

  2. Heartsupwards says:

    So far I’ve only met potential attendees to the George Square demo with a great sense of outrage that, once challenged, cannot actually articulate the reasons for their outrage. I expect the square to be filled by uninformed idiots that will only weaken arguments against the actions of a murderous establishment that has been in place long before Trump arrived. Half of those idiots probably think things would have been better with the Clinton in his place.

    1. Richard Wickenden says:

      Things would have been much better with Hillary Clinton elected in place of madman Trump. However, better still would have been Bernie Sanders, a great follow-on from President Obama.

      1. Alf Baird says:

        This kind of targeted media frenzy is reminiscent of the British media’s constant verbal and graphic depiction of the ‘Hun’ in 1914 and look where that got us. It is very easy to call people names and to graphically illustrate and denigrate allegedly wicked people but at the end of the day that is just verbal and insulting abuse and gets no-one anywhere. I would be far more interested to hear what President Trump has to say rather than listen to most of the two-faced political careerists and timeservers that ordinary punters normally have to put up with such as Ms. Clinton or indeed the majority of politicians of all parties in Scotland and rest-UK. At least with Trump WYSIWYG – maybe that’s why millions of Americans voted for him!

        1. Yes your support for a fellow racist has been noted before Alf.

          1. Alf Baird says:

            I am not sure what your definition of racist is, Ed. Perhaps all two million No voters in 2014 who actively voted to block Scottish citizenship, Scottish nationality, and Scottish self-government might be construed as racist, for that was surely a most anti-Scottish act. Indeed, can anyone, regrettably even some Scots, be any more anti-Scottish than that? I gather the latter phenomenon is known as ‘internalized racism’. But you would know that, being an expert on the subject.

          2. My definition of racist is the generally accepted one. Enjoy the time venerating Trump as he arrives to be met by Mundell. Most decent people will be protesting this shameful bigot.

          3. By the way Alf, this is hilarious given your fascination about Trump’s views on Scottish independence. Apparently he’s so thick he doesnt know we aren’t already:


          4. Alf Baird says:

            “Most decent people” would surely welcome any foreign visitor to their country even if they disagreed with them on certain things. What you and others in this rather pc self-righteous mass political and media frenzy are advocating is intolerance which has a range of interesting synonyms, not least bigotry.

  3. Willie says:

    I don’t think Mr Baird is venerating anyone, and certainly not President Trump. Nor do I think Mr Baird as you put it is a fellow racist.

    What I think Mr Baird was saying, and saying very clearly, was that listening to what Mr Trump had to say was to be preferred to a frenzy of name calling and verbal abuse.

    Howling at the wind, as opposed to constructive engagement, is never usually the best way forward.

    And if I may opine further the recent article on Bella where print formats were made available is a particular example of inane howling.

    Posters with effigies of Trump as a ‘ bawbag’, ‘ c*nt’ and other such intellectual approaches really cut it, don’t they Ed.

    So let’s keep the name calling out of it, and keep our ears, eyes an minds open. We are after all on the same side, and wouldn’t be reading Bella if we weren’t.

    1. Alf Baird says:

      Thanks Willie. You raise a further interesting and highly valid point about “listening to what Mr. Trump has to say”. I for one would have liked to hear his views on Scottish independence and other related matters, such as trade and defence, which would probably have been different had our relationship been warmer and more welcoming. I tend to think he would perhaps have liked to help the country where his mother was born and grew up, given his well known affection for Scotland. However the current and former FM’s rather put paid to Scotland and its people developing any meaningful diplomatic relationship with the US President and his entire national Administration. In that regard our FM’s and other elected people here put their own personal intolerances and prejudices above that of their nation and their party’s cause, or indeed the needs and desires of Scotland’s people. Scotland does have and could have a strategic role vis-à-vis the USA, and I am thinking of trade as well as defence. The actions of our somewhat impetuous FM’s has left these discussions now firmly between Washington and London, with Scotland having no say or influence in the outcomes.

      1. You would have liked to hear his views on independence? (!) On defence?!

        Did you read the account today in which it was clear he couldn’t distinguish between England and the UK?

        He may have some passing affection for Scotland but that is eclipsed by his abhorrent politics. I suspect your enthusiasm has much more with you sharing those politics Alf.

    2. We are way beyond the realms of civility in response to what some have called ‘pre-fascism’. Protest and resistance is not ‘howling at the wind’. Mr Baird has previously denied that Trump isa racist, which itself is an extraordinary view. There can be no constructive engagement with Trump and the far-right. I very much doubt that we ‘are all on the same side’.

      1. Alf Baird says:

        Ed, you may (or may not) be interested in this definition:

        bigot, /ˈbɪɡət/, noun

        noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots

        Meaning: a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.
        e.g. “don’t let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city” (or even the nation, eh?)

        synonyms: dogmatist, partisan, sectarian, prejudiced person;

        1. I note with some interest that you haven’t responded to the questions I put to you.

          I have been more than tolerant to your views for too long.

  4. Willie says:

    And so, if we are beyond d the point of civility, with no constructive engagement, what then Ed are you suggesting.

    1. I’m suggesting you don’t respond to a racist far-right sociopath by saying: “Welcome, what are your views on trade?”

      These are not normal tome or normal people and they don’t deserve civility.

      1. William Low says:

        Sadly, there I disagree. Lord Carrington was forever civil and diplomatic to those with whom he fundamentally disagreed. To meet Trump with the same language that he uses does reduce our position to his level. The man, from the remarks that he has made and in the manner that he has conducted himself, has proved that he is a liar, racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic and narcissistic, and generally not to be trusted.

        We could show our displeasure with his behaviour and his policies more powerfully if we avoided terminology that he personally would not understand – ‘bawbag’ comes to mind.

        I fully support the right to protest and to reject decisions made by politicians, but humour, wit and civility add to the strength of the protest


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