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“They’re using a plastic container to try to bail out the boat”

Like a kind of grim re-boot of the popular 1970s show ‘It’s a Knockout’ the BBC have introduced the pilot of a new Gameshow (pre-release title ‘Watch People Drown”). The tired old genre of Brit Reality TV was overdue a makeover and now we have it. The format is simple. In earlier rounds Britain would bomb and destabilise contestants countries around the world. In the second round contestants ‘flee’ their homes.

But here’s the twist.

Now the “Home Secretary” has urged the Royal Navy to get involved – proving Britannia really does rule the waves!

In a brilliant move Priti Patel has appointed former National Crime Agency Executive Dan O’Mahoney as the UK’s “Clandestine Channel Threat Commander”. He will work to make the Channel route ‘unviable’ for small boat crossings.

The first episode of this crazy new BBC gameshow previewed last night hosted by zany host Simon Jones:


This show is going to be huge, but it’s no big surprise. As I said back in 2016 (“Show us your Teeth”) : “This isn’t just a collapse of political norms, it’s a failure of values. Yesterday Tracy Brabin tried to make a few comments about Jo Cox at her acceptance speech. This was the result:


But we shouldn’t be surprised. The stench of fascism has been accommodated and explained for years in Britain. It was hinted at by Tebbit and we’ve been on a slippery descent ever since, from militarised police to militarised schools to extraordinary rendition to pleading for our soldiers to be above the law. From the staggering surveillance revealed earlier this year by MI5, MI6, and GCHQ to the endless degenerate representation of ordinary people as scum in the routine language of daily tabloids. We ended up with Nick Griffin on Question Time and nazis shouting at someone off-of Corrie as Tories argued we check people’s teeth whilst the Sun snarls and spits its lies.”

Amongst the sprawling hypocrisy of all of this dire neo-fascist populism is the idea that Johnson’s mid-Covid post-Brexit ‘Britain’ is some kind of beacon of hope. It’s the sort of delusional self-aggrandizement that has led us into our present predicament:

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  1. Mark Bevis says:

    Yes, Boris, people just love it here:

    What’s a “Clandestine Channel Threat Commander”? – CCTC – is that an American TV channel?
    Sounds like they expect the refugees to come in submarines……
    {Ah ha, GCHQ, if you’re listening, I’ve just discovered the latest Russian/North Korean/Iranian plot – they are using their subs to secretly dump loads of Jihadis into the channel coastlines}

    What is laughable is we have a government that doesn’t believe in state intervention in anything at all, other than giving big bungs to their rich mates, so they won’t pay for the infrastructure to enforce their racist rhetoric. HMSs BBC, ITN, Sky News are their only warships. Our ability to build fleets of metal warships is long gone despite all the jingoism.

    And even if the racist rhetoric was true that these people are all dangerous jehadis on the make and taking the piss, so what? They’d only be copying our leaders.

    When are the English gonna learn that the biggest threat to their existence is not Covid19, climate change, illegal immigrants, Putin, communism or Corbyn, but is in fact their own government?

  2. Charles L. Gallagher says:

    Mike, Patel needs to be reminded of how her and her family were given shelter after Idi Amin threw them out and India washed its hands of them refusing to take them back. She also needs to be told forcibly about how the International Law of The Sea works especially within the 12-mile limit especially in the Dover Strait where the UK 12-mile limit and France’s 12-mile limit rub-up against each other as the straits are only 21/22 miles wide!!!!

  3. Axel P Kulit says:

    I am increasingly wondering if these incodents of immigrants are fake and the people involved actors.

    1. Anndrais mac Chaluim says:

      Nope, migration is real; it’s part of the globalisation of the labour market.

      Successive governments immigration policy over the past few decades has been aimed at regulating the free flow of labour across national borders. People smuggling is the labour markets’ attempt to circumvent this regulation.

      The UN Secretary-General’s Report to the High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development back in 2006 described an unregulated labour market as a ‘triple win’ for capitalism; free movement of labour across national borders contributes to growth and prosperity, in both source and destination countries, and to improvements in the life-chances of migrant workers themselves through the upward social mobility they’re pursuing through migration.

      The new populist Gameshow in the Narrow Sea is premised on the Canute-like task of holding back the tide of globalisation in order to keep the ‘othered’ out. But it’s just that: a spectacle to salve the fears and sate the hatreds of Whitey.

    2. On what possible basis would you post such a ridiculous offensive comment?

      1. Anndrais mac Chaluim says:


        1. I was referring to Axel’s comment

          1. Anndrais mac Chaluim says:

            Sorry; I see that now. I thought he was being ironic.

      2. Axel P Kulit says:

        1. There are undoubtedly dinghies crossing the channel that contain refugees.

        2. Do you really think it is beyond our government to stage a few fake incidents to whip up a distraction?

        3. I am suspicious of any incident where someone capable of producing high quality video and indeed a BBC reporter just happened to be passing.

        4. In WW II the US government came to an arrangement with the Mafia to ensure peace in the docks. Is it impossible our government has come to an arrangement with human trafficking gangs: sacrifice a few for the cameras and we let the rest through?

        5. I am not sure why refugees still want to come here.

        For the record I am against the government’s policy

        1. Anndrais mac Chaluim says:

          I presume migrants are choosing to come to Britain in pursuit of a life that’s better than the life they suffer in their source countries, and to Britain specifically for cultural reasons: language, family ties, etc., etc.

          As for your suspicion that such incidents as those to which you refer are part of a government conspiracy, do you have any evidence that would support that suspicion?

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