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  • Arts & Culture

    Sexism and Gender in Music

    With Jenny Sturgeon, Laura Risk, Alistair Heather. Gender in the performing arts is a live issue. As soon as female performers go on stage they […]

    20th Jul'18 0
  • Commentary

    Becoming British

    The latest fit of colonial semiotics needs a bit of deconstruction. First up, politics aside, football isn’t Great Britain. Plenty of people aren’t interested and […]

    20th Jul'18 8
  • Commentary

    Brexit’s Radical Right Agenda

    Political change – even full-scale revolution – does not happen overnight. Irish independence was presaged by myriad failed rebellions. The 2014 referendum was a product […]

    19th Jul'18 8
  • Brexit
    19th Jul'18 18
  • Scots

    The Widenin Sheuch

    Folk hae aye jooked atween Scotland an Ulster: the watter didnae sinder folk, it cleeked them thegither. I mind folk fae Ulster caain the North […]

    19th Jul'18 4
  • Nuclear Free Scotland
    18th Jul'18 4
  • Peace activism

    The United States of Arms

    U.S. weapons exports from 1950 to 2017. Data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Arms Transfers Database. Units are expressed in trend indicator values […]

    17th Jul'18 2
  • Commentary

    To Infinity and Beyond

    The A’Mhoine peninsula in Sutherland has been announced, to some fanfare, as the host of the UK’s first Spaceport (whatever that is). The Indy reports, […]

    Mike Small 17th Jul'18 20
  • Land Ownership
    Alastair McIntosh 17th Jul'18 6
  • Death of Capitalism
    16th Jul'18 4
  • Commentary

    Aamer Anwar Message to Trump

    Speech by Aamer Anwar at the Meadows festival of resistance anti-Trump rally today. Donald Trump what can I say that hasn’t already been said Trump […]

    Aamer Anwar 14th Jul'18 25
  • Commentary

    Hand in Hand Spearfishing Democracy

    The images of Theresa May being led up steps by the POTUS just reek of a craven diminished human being acting like a child. Trump’s […]

    Mike Small 14th Jul'18 19
  • Commentary

    Trump in Dundee

    Dear Mr. Trump, I’m a big fan of your work. Especially your later stuff. You are the obvious natural successor to those other great leaders, […]

    Greg Moodie 13th Jul'18 0

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