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    On Taxes and the Smith Commission

    Retired civil servant and now lecturer at Nuffield College, Oxford Prof Jim Gallagher gives the opposing view to the Cuthbert’s analysis of the Smith Commission. […]

    Prof Jim Gallagher 10th Dec'14 23
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    John S Warren 9th Dec'14 5
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    Don’t Believe the Hype

    A momentous day in Scotland – but this has nothing to do with the Smith Commission, which, despite the hyperventilating of many tabloid Tories means […]

    Mike Small 27th Nov'14 13
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    Who’s Making All the Money?

    Money is power. By giving banks the power to create money we hand over incredible economic influence to banking directors who’s tendency is to prioritise corporate profit […]

    Mike Edwards 17th Nov'14 18
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    A Fate Worse than Debt

    The most useful power the Smith Commission could grant the Scottish Government is the ability to get itself as deeply into debt as possible. That […]

    Alistair Davidson 17th Nov'14 13
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    This is a Heist

    Reports out yesterday make it clear that bankers are still operating freely as basically a feral class able to go about large-scale robbery unhindered. Whilst […]

    Mike Small 13th Nov'14 21
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    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 8th Nov'14 26
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    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 26th Oct'14 35
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    Smith and the Subsidy Myth Makers

    The following is a letter we have today sent to the Director General of the BBC. The issue is extremely important given the negotiations that […]

    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 8th Oct'14 73
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    The Purging of Scottish Madness

    When the banks fail again, as they surely will, they will fail in London. Relocation is a good, not  a bad thing for Scottish financial […]

    Ciaran Healy 13th Sep'14 19
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    21 Future Industries

    A few months ago I read a report that New Zealand had only developed it’s vineyards in the 1970s. When people first started the idea […]

    Mike Small 10th Sep'14 3
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    Paul Krugman, what the heck?

    It is the UK’s parlous position, that is giving financial markets their ongoing jitters, not Scotland’s economic prospects argues James Meadway. Reading the media representation would […]

    James Meadway 9th Sep'14 34
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    Scott Egner 31st Aug'14 6
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    The Plan B Phoney War

    No human being would decide the destiny of their country on the existential basis of a ‘Plan B’ for currency union. For Better Together the […]

    John S Warren 17th Aug'14 29

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