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  • Land Ownership

    Independence from Within

    The Garbh Allt Community Initiative, outside the village of Helmsdale on the east coast of Sutherland, has comes into being. This is major breakthrough for […]

    Mike Small 14th Jun'18 0
  • Commentary

    Bringing it all Back Home

    As Bob said way back when:  “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. The article today by Murray Foote (‘Independence […]

    Mike Small 14th Jun'18 10
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    Gerry Hassan 13th Jun'18 29
  • Media
    Jason Henderson 13th Jun'18 8
  • Media

    Death Mask

    Ashen-faced Theresa May was left speechless at PMQs as even Boris laughed at Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit jibe. The stony-faced Prime Minister stood in virtual silence […]

    13th Jun'18 1
  • Media

    Cunning Stunts

    The SNP’s walkout of Westminster has been condemned by many people as a “stunt”, most gloriously the wonderfully inept Tim Shipman (who we’re told is […]

    13th Jun'18 6
  • Poetry


    ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! shrieks the lion’s mane across the border. Order no.1 – you’ll have had your Scottish Parliament then. Order no.2 – sit down, […]

    Stuart Paterson 13th Jun'18 5
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    Mike Small 13th Jun'18 16
  • Media

    Great Britain: Great Betrayal

    As everyone’s gaze is at the Singapore Pantomime the historical failures of Brexit are playing out before us. As Steve Bullock outlines the “Logic of […]

    Mike Small 12th Jun'18 11
  • Commentary

    The Recruitment Journey

    What’s wrong with the British Army? Is it facing a recruitment crisis? Why does it need to recruit in schools, manipulating the most stressed out […]

    Mike Small 11th Jun'18 6
  • Peace activism
    Janet Fenton 11th Jun'18 13
  • Arts & Culture

    Burroughs and Scotland

    In the late 1950s and early 1960s, William Burroughs appeared in several Scottish literary magazines and made a memorable appearance at the International Writers Conference […]

    Jed Birmingham 10th Jun'18 2
  • Commentary

    Aafrug Brexit

    “aafrug” – the back-surge of a wave after it has broken on the shore; a spent wave drawing down a strand; “the streaming-back of the […]

    Mike Small 9th Jun'18 13
  • International

    Mariano Rajoy: Exquisite Corpse

    The other day, I was thinking about an article for Bella Caledonia on Spain when a friend of mine, Professor Drew Spiers, from the University […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 9th Jun'18 3

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