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    May 68 -May 2018

    It’s 50 years since the Paris protests of May 1968 which rocked the world and came to be emblematic of an era of counter culture, […]

    5th May'18 9
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    Liam O'Hare 5th May'18 6
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    Dr Bornstein’s Notebook

    You’ve got to admire the sheer chutzpah of Donald Trump self-description as “… the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency…” as revealed today. It […]

    Caitlin O'Hara 2nd May'18 3
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    Order of the Rising Sun

    On 29th April, the Government of Japan announced that Alan Spence (Professor Emeritus of the University of Aberdeen) would be awarded an Order of the […]

    2nd May'18 6
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    George Gunn 30th Apr'18 9
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    Staring Over the Water

    The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary have been caught lying about the racist policies they’re now pretending to be ashamed of. This isn’t a […]

    Mike Small 30th Apr'18 19
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    Gaelic in a Monolingual World

    The gaelic debate is full of tensions and bizarre alliances. As Cruithneach puts it: ‘Schrödinger’s Gael is at the same time both an illiterate, backwards, […]

    Pavel Iosad 29th Apr'18 33
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    William Thomson 28th Apr'18 28
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Mike Small 28th Apr'18 11
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    Artwashing and Gentrification

    Artwashing: “How art is used as a gloss for dispossession, displacement and, ultimately, social cleansing…”

    Stephen Pritchard 27th Apr'18 21
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    Sign Language

    I had a somewhat sobering thought this morning, next year I will have been driving for forty years. Being brought up with a step-father in […]

    Ewen McLachlan 27th Apr'18 9
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    A Wall of Madness

    Donald Trumps historic tv rant is required listening. Watch the expressions on the sofa. * ‘Exclusive Interview: President Trump on Fox & Friends’ …

    27th Apr'18 0
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    Guernica: 81 Years Later

    “a painting isn’t made to decorate rooms. It’s an offensive and defensive instrument in the war against the enemy…”

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 27th Apr'18 9
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    Ken Ferguson 26th Apr'18 1

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