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  • Economics

    EU’ve Been Framed

    Let’s be clear. There is not a four deep queue in Brussels anxious to indulge the fantasy life of the most semi detached of its […]

    Ruth Wishart 23rd Jan'13 24
  • Alex Salmond

    The Edwin Morgan Memorial Lecture

    On Tuesday 27 November 2012 the First Minister Alex Salmond delivered a lecture on the subject of housing and social justice. The lecture took place at […]

    22nd Jan'13 1
  • London Olympics

    Don’t Panic!

    Is the No campaign losing the plot? The cacophony of scare stories about Scotland does seem to have tipped from the bizarre to the gently […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jan'13 12
  • Arts & Culture
    Darran Anderson 21st Jan'13 2
  • Podcast
    Mike Small 20th Jan'13 0
  • Autonomism

    Independence Without Nationalism

    We’re neither ‘in it together’ nor ‘Better Together’.

    Mike Small 20th Jan'13 15
  • International

    We the People

    Susan runs So Say Scotland, a project inspired by Iceland’s grassroots national assemblies movement. The newly created and proposed Icelandic constitution, which we are hearing […]

    Susan Pettie 19th Jan'13 1
  • Review

    British Values

    In 2006, Corporal Donald Payne was the first British soldier to be convicted of a war crime in this country under the International Criminal Court […]

    Nicholas Mercer 19th Jan'13 9
  • Arts & Culture

    Corrections and Clarifications

    There was a correction in today’s Herald newspaper about their Faslane scare-story which acknowledged their 19k jobs total was ‘incorrect’ and headline ‘misleading’.  Just in […]

    Frances Lengel 18th Jan'13 7
  • Arts & Culture

    Fuzzy Friday

    Something for the weekend sir? Each week we’ll be bringing you 5 great things we love. Things to do or watch, mostly non-political. Here’s our […]

    Mike Small 18th Jan'13 0
  • Love Life

    Unhealthy Media?

    Is it because of cutbacks, or responding to party politics? Or is it just bad journalism? A. Balharry on the story behind the story of […]

    A. Balharry 18th Jan'13 17
  • Europe

    EU 2 Brutus?

    So Cameron may walk into and flounce out of more EU meetings, he may renegotiate to his heart’s content, he may grandstand and bluster, he […]

    Alyn Smith 17th Jan'13 5
  • Alex Salmond

    Westminster Democracy Style

    An extraordinary performance by Ian Davidson as Westminster passes its Section 30 order today, unopposed. A virtually empty chamber at Westminster saw a few bloated […]

    Mike Small 16th Jan'13 31
  • Commentary

    London and the Right to Govern

    Limited to the British press, it would be difficult to grasp the implications of the push against the informal UK constitution coming to a head […]

    Michael Gardiner 14th Jan'13 9

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