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  • Lockerbie

    The Framing of al-Megrahi

    It is, of course, now all about oil. Only a simpleton could believe that Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, convicted of responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing, was […]

    Gareth Peirce 21st May'12 5
  • Anti-Capitalism

    On the Edge

    An exceptional work of analysis and vision from one of the most astute observers of the present worldwide revolt. Jerome E. Roos is the founder […]

    Jerome E. Roos 21st May'12 2
  • Alex Salmond
    Ross Croall 19th May'12 3
  • Antifascism

    Our Demands are Simple!

    Comrades! In the Eurozone and beyond, capitalist crisis deepens.  From Greece to Govan the ruling class is imposing brutal austerity.  From Mount Olympus to Mount […]

    Mike Small 18th May'12 5
  • Alex Salmond

    Serco in Scotland

    On Friday 4th May at teatime, whilst the Scottish media’s eyes were firmly fixed on the local election counts being totted across the country, the […]

    Johnny Gailey 15th May'12 15
  • Scottish Culture

    The Future’s Bright

    What does a vote for Labour in Scotland mean today? A little over a week has passed since the council election results were announced, and […]

    Mike Small 15th May'12 2
  • Referendum on Independence

    Irvine Welsh on Scottish Independence

    6 min clip of Irvine Welsh v Tristram Hunt with Jeremy Paxman in the chair.  (From BBC Newsnight on 20th Apr 2012)

    Irvine Welsh 13th May'12 19
  • Alex Salmond

    A Dysfunctional Union

    Gordon Brown was the last Scottish Prime Minister of the UK. Ever. Even if we do not win independence in 2014 there will never be […]

    Andrew Anderson 13th May'12 18
  • Scottish Culture


    Does the Butcher’s Apron do your head in? Are you already tired of the tat? Are your eyes wearied by Jubilee propaganda? Bored of Team […]

    Mike Small 12th May'12 31
  • Collapsononics

    Pongoo Politics

    After Professor Pongoo won more first preference votes than the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate in Pentland Hills (Edinburgh City Council) wards we approached him to […]

    Professor Pongoo 11th May'12 7
  • Commentary

    Let Them Vote

    After her famous Hamilton by-election victory, Winnie Ewing used her maiden speech to Parliament to argue that the voting age should be lowered to 16. […]

    Dan Paris 10th May'12 3
  • Review

    The Edge of Empire

    This Saturday Christopher Harvie (‘A Floating Commonwealth‘) and Michael Gardiner are at Word Power Books, Edinburgh. This is an extract from Michael’s ‘At the Edge […]

    Mike Small 10th May'12 0
  • Economics
    Craig Stephen 10th May'12 44
  • Media
    Gerry Hassan 8th May'12 25

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