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  • Civil Liberties

    You are All Suspects Now

    You are all potential terrorists. It matters not that you live in Britain, the United States, Australia or the Middle East. Citizenship is effectively abolished.  […]

    John Pilger 5th May'12 0
  • Football

    Tainted League

    A man born in Devon who’s been involved in Scottish football for three years has just decided the fate of  the game north of the […]

    Mike Small 3rd May'12 15
  • Economics

    The Poverty of Imagination *

    The UK’s soporific slide deeper into fiscally-imposed structurally-readjusted barbarity, without much in the way of disturbance to putative social peace, has now been thoroughly punctured. […]

    Tom Jennings 3rd May'12 0
  • Arts & Culture
    Kevin Williamson 2nd May'12 10
  • New Labour

    Back to the Future

    Scotland on Sunday’s story about the loss to Scotland of the protective arm of M15 around our shoulder (Independent Scotland a ‘terror risk’) was revealing. […]

    Mike Small 1st May'12 11
  • Environmental Justice
    George Gunn 1st May'12 9
  • Uncategorized

    The 30 Year Occupation

    This year sees the thirtieth anniversary of the Peace Camp outside Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base on the Gare Loch.

    30th Apr'12 0
  • Civil Liberties

    I Am the Evidence

    There is a programme on Radio 4 called The Unbelievable Truth in which panellists compete to see how many nuggets of truth they are able […]

    Andy Wightman 28th Apr'12 4
  • Uncategorized
    Mike Small 27th Apr'12 6
  • Uncategorized


    The furore surrounding David Starkey’s stupid comments, comparing Alex Salmond to a “Caledonian Hitler”, were more interesting for what people didn’t say, than for what […]

    Doug Daniel 26th Apr'12 9
  • Politics

    When Duty Calls

    We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.– George Orwell A while back […]

    Michael Greenwell 21st Apr'12 17
  • Globalisation

    PFI Scotland

    As the full catastrophe of the Labour / Tory PFI scandal unfolds before our eyes, Bella starts a series of articles and films looking at […]

    21st Apr'12 7
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Mayday! Mayday!

    Leave details of your Mayday celebrations everywhere anywhere…

    Mike Small 21st Apr'12 1
  • New Scotland
    Richard Elins 20th Apr'12 8

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