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  • Alex Salmond

    Devo Shsh

    After months of demanding a referendum that is simple, clear and transparent. David Cameron has suggested a process that is top secret. You’ve heard of […]

    Doug Daniel 20th Feb'12 16
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Greek Independence

    Interview with Liana Kanelli an independent MP elected under the flag of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) for the last twelve years in four consecutive […]

    19th Feb'12 12
  • Collapsononics
    Gerry Hassan 17th Feb'12 16
  • Events

    Here & Now

    ‘Despatches from the Invisible Revolution’ E-book published by New Public Thinkers launch evening 29 February, Venue tbc. Includes: A show of hands – Alex Fradera, Fear […]

    Mike Small 17th Feb'12 0
  • Identity

    An Awfully Big Adventure

    According to Neil Oliver the referendum will be ‘the biggest decision in 300 years’. So ca’ very canny … I wonder. In 1707-15, as far […]

    Christopher Harvie 17th Feb'12 8
  • Alex Salmond

    The Spin Room

    So what just happened? Watching the body language, maneuvering and positioning is fascinating. Salmond welcomes Cameron, and hand on back ushers him into a room […]

    Mike Small 16th Feb'12 19
  • Referendum on Independence


    The Westminster parliament’s Scottish Affairs Committee (which includes several English MPs in its membership), has published a short report on the questions it feels need […]

    Doug Daniel 16th Feb'12 15
  • Economics

    Cameron visits Edinburgh

    A government we didn’t elect presiding over an economy we don’t control.

    Mike Small 16th Feb'12 11
  • Commentary

    Rangers On the Edge

    These are indeed historic days for Alba, for just as Scotland’s Claim of Right may about to be asserted at the ballot box in 2014 […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 14th Feb'12 39
  • Collapsononics
    Moira Dalgetty 13th Feb'12 6
  • International

    Global Gathering

    Defending Mary Ann Kennedy’s Global Gathering

    Kate Higgins 13th Feb'12 22
  • Film and Animation

    Review: The Iron Lady

    (Streeps) easly as good as Rory Bremner and miles better than Mike Yarwood…

    Kevin Williamson 12th Feb'12 4
  • New Labour

    Let Glasgow Flourish

    It’s a common – and often justified – complaint that Scotland’s mainstream media outlets focus disproportionately on Glasgow when deeming what’s worthy of ‘news’ status.  […]

    Jonathan Mackie 10th Feb'12 15
  • New Labour

    Labour for Independence

    Under what conditions – say, the next 24 months leading up to the most important political event in 300 years for Scotland – could a […]

    Pat Kane 10th Feb'12 14

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