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  • Anarchism

    A Xmas Letter To A Neoliberal Friend

    Dear Friend I totally agree with you that the Arab Spring was the big story of 2011.  Toppling dictators means putting your life on the […]

    Kevin Williamson 21st Dec'11 12
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    Kevin Williamson 19th Dec'11 0
  • New Labour

    Letter to Johann

    Dear Johann Congratulations on your victory. If you’re to dispel the notion that Scottish Labour leaders have steadily diminished since Donald Dewar, each one seeming […]

    Patrick Small 18th Dec'11 7
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Speaking our Language

    Gaelic as an option among other new world languages such as Mandarin and Portuguese could propel a Scottish generation confidently into the economies of the […]

    Fiona MacInnes 18th Dec'11 17
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    Recent Futures

    From Neil Mulholland and Robin Baillie on The Recent Future of Scottish Art reviewing Scottish Art since 1960 Historical Reflections and Contemporary Overviews Craig Richardson […]

    Mike Small 18th Dec'11 0
  • Review
    Mike Small 16th Dec'11 0
  • Commentary

    The Ink Truck

    On the mainstream print media columnists who will shape the independence debate.

    Mike Small 15th Dec'11 20
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Infinitely Demanding

    …we are entering into a period of increasingly massive social dislocations and disorder which harbors within it countless risks, defeats, dangers, false dawns and fake […]

    15th Dec'11 1
  • Collapsononics

    Materialism’s High Price

    Tim Kasser – who spoke at St Andrews University Sustainability Institute on Tuesday night:

    15th Dec'11 0
  • Anarchism

    Love Life – December

    ‘Love Life’ is Bella’s Agony Aunt column… because the personal is political and the ‘state we’re in’ is complicated. See here for more background. Dear […]

    Jamie Heckert 15th Dec'11 4
  • Football

    Offensive Behaviour

    Disppeling some myths about the new anti-bigotry bill. Extract from a great piece by Humza Yousa (read the full article over at The Glaswegian): Everybody […]

    Humza Yousa 15th Dec'11 11
  • Football
    Thom Cross 14th Dec'11 3
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Justin Kenrick 13th Dec'11 1
  • Referendum on Independence

    Labour’s Leader Lamont

    It’s unfair I know but the idea that there’s more likelihood of Hearts players getting paid on time than Johann Lamont breathing life energy and […]

    Mike Small 13th Dec'11 6

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