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    Gordon Guthrie 2nd Jan'18 14
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    Good Scots

    The long tail of Anglo-British Nationalism which erupted into consciousness in 2017 seemed to come out of nowhere. But the signs were visible for a […]

    Mike Small 1st Jan'18 22
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    Scotland in Union Data Dump

    The Scotland in Union data dump isn’t just about that single organisation, it’s about political support from the super-rich and landed classes to the parties […]

    Mike Small 31st Dec'17 51
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    Wha’s Like Us?

    The differences atween, say, the Yes muivement an Make American Great Again are that plain an that pautent as tae want further owergaun. We’re no […]

    Tammas Clark 28th Dec'17 4
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    Wiping History

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date […]

    Mike Small 27th Dec'17 42
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    26th Dec'17 8
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    Bella Caledonia 2017

    On the first Saturday of the month we publish a print magazine in collaboration with The National newspaper. This is a 24 page supplement that […]

    23rd Dec'17 0
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    John S Warren 22nd Dec'17 6
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    21st Dec'17 13
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    Cheese Patriots

    The call to arms from Michael Gove for mass Cheese Patriotism is not just a slap in the face for the Lactose Intolerant Community but […]

    Mike Small 21st Dec'17 1
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    British Sea Power

    At the launch of the gigantic HMS Queen Elizabeth back in July there was much talk about being an “Island Nation” and “Projecting Power” across […]

    Mike Small 20th Dec'17 38
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    Oliver Tickell 20th Dec'17 3
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    Bella’s Best Music of 2017

    2017 may have been a tumult of Trump and Brexit chaos but there’s some comfort to be had in the year’s releases. Here’s a selection […]

    Nadine McBay 20th Dec'17 0
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    Ghost Writers and Peak Ink

    We’ve been concerned recently about whether things exist or not. Things like impact assessment reports, democracy in Northern Ireland or a peace process in the […]

    Mike Small 19th Dec'17 3

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