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    Mike Small 23rd Oct'11 21
  • Globalisation

    China Meeting Africa

    China’s presence in Africa has come in for withering criticism of late. Hillary Clinton has warned of a creeping “new colonialism” in Africa from foreign […]

    Peter Geoghegan 21st Oct'11 3
  • International

    Ethnic Cleansing in Fasayil

    Paddy Clark reports exclusively for Bella on construction of a community centre from mud bricks in Fasayl, Palestine.

    Paddy Clark 21st Oct'11 8
  • Collapsononics

    Letter to a Dead Man

    Dear young man who died on the fourth day of this turbulent 2011, dear Mohammed Bouazizi, I want to write you about an astonishing year […]

    Rebecca Nada-Rajah 20th Oct'11 4
  • Identity
    Mhairi McAlpine 20th Oct'11 3
  • Autonomism
    Gar Alpervitz 19th Oct'11 1
  • Anarchism

    Occupy Edinburgh

    Politics in the service of people and planet; not run by corporations for profit. This is local, national and global democracy. That is what we […]

    Mike Small 19th Oct'11 17
  • Alex Salmond

    Stepping Stone or Stonewalling?

    Doug Daniel on the questions needing answered by those advocating Devo-Max

    Doug Daniel 19th Oct'11 12
  • Football

    Stephen Birrell and Facebook Hate

    There is a very quiet page on Facebook called ‘Free Stephen Birrell’.  There may be a few legal or human rights reasons that Birrell, sentenced […]

    Peter Burnett 18th Oct'11 9
  • Arts & Culture

    Kandinsky in Govan

    Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) was a Russian painter, printmaker and art theorist, so what’s he doing in Govan? Alastair McIntosh, the organiser of the […]

    Mike Small 18th Oct'11 4
  • Identity

    The Perils of Identity Mapping

    Recently The Guardian decided to tackle what it called “the disunited kingdom”, with a series of articles and an opinion poll. This is probably long […]

    Ray Bell 17th Oct'11 3
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    The Awakening

    A radical situation is a collective awakening. . . . In such situations people become much more open to new perspectives, readier to question previous assumptions, quicker […]

    Ken Knabb 17th Oct'11 4
  • Media

    The Salmond Problem

    Amidst the disputed ComRes survey for The Independent on Sunday, Matt Chorley and Brian Brady have produced the best (only?) credible broadsheet analysis of Scottish […]

    Mike Small 17th Oct'11 11
  • Anarchism

    Love Life (October)

    ‘Love Life’ is Bella’s Agony Aunt column because the personal is political and the ‘state we’re in’ is complicated.

    Jamie Heckert 17th Oct'11 0

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