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    2017, a dictionary

    Citizens of Everywhere – wake up and smell the covfefe. Its dictionary time again. In this year of change and torpor we’re taking our annual […]

    Mike Small 13th Sep'17 1
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    Prospects for Basic Income

    Is basic income really possible in Scotland? A basic income is an unconditional, non-withdrawable, non-selective payment to every individual citizen. In other words, we all […]

    Ben Simmons 13th Sep'17 17
  • Poetry

    Poor. Old. Tired. Horse

    Ian Hamilton Finlay’s experimental visual poetry magazine Poor. Old. Tired. Horse (1962–68) is now online. “Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Poor.Old.Tired.Horse. is one of the most important visual poetry […]

    12th Sep'17 1
  • Arts & Culture

    The Birthplace of Ossian

    “[The landscape] is more real than the people who inhabit it. Drowned in eternal mist, illuminated by a decrepit sun or by emphemeral meteors, it […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'17 0
  • Peace activism

    Made in Britain

    Worried about exports? With news from The Ferret that at least 28 firms from Scotland are due to attend an arms fair in London dubbed […]

    12th Sep'17 1
  • Brexit

    The Green Lantern’s Magic Ring

    Parliament has just voted that Whitehall can change laws without Parliamentary scrutiny. This is an unprecedented attack on democracy. This is a power grab. The constitutional, […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'17 18
  • Climate Change

    No Easy Option

    Sarah Beattie-Smith calls for more ambition ahead of the new Scottish Climate Change Bill (consultation here). The last few weeks have been significant ones for […]

    Sarah Beattie Smith 12th Sep'17 9
  • Arts & Culture
    11th Sep'17 3
  • Arts & Culture

    Boke Quare and Clarty

    ‘I think the voice is the great Baroque pearl of this catastrophe that is the political human dump.’

    Bonnie Gallagher 11th Sep'17 0
  • Antifascism

    Nae Nazis in Perth

    Perth isn’t known as a hotbed of antifascist action. But when the Scottish Defence League came to town to try and whip up racism against a […]

    Mike Small 11th Sep'17 34
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    Devolution 20 Years On

    Twenty years on, devolution, which seemed a historic victory at the time, now seems an event marking a timid and low-aspiration politics. At the time […]

    Mike Small 11th Sep'17 14
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    Now is not the Time

    Bill McKibben of 350 informs us that “5.6 million Floridians have been told to evacuate, making it by far the largest mass movement of people […]

    Mike Small 10th Sep'17 4
  • Civil Liberties
    Fuad Alakbarov 10th Sep'17 5
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    There’s No App For That

    There’s No App For That: why technology is ineffective without emotional awakening – by Pat Kane and Indra Adnan. A wise blog post by environmental […]

    Pat Kane and Indra Adnan 9th Sep'17 0

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