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  • Scots

    North by Northeast

    A significant new initiative is launched this week to support and develop the Scots language. On the 28th of March a new body will be […]

    Mike Small 26th Mar'18 19
  • Arts & Culture
    Dale McEwan 23rd Mar'18 17
  • Direct Action
    16th Mar'18 9
  • Commentary

    The Carillion Loop

    Breaking news of the Construction and services firm Carillion PLC going into compulsory liquidation with a threat of job losses to 20,000 people, is a testament […]

    Mike Small 15th Jan'18 18
  • Commentary
    Ben Wray 11th Apr'14 11
  • Commentary

    Scotland’s Good Neighbour

    As the Nordic countries have discovered, small countries need to find kindred spirits who can present a common image and message to a world too […]

    John Bryden 19th Jan'14 13
  • Football

    Revisiting Armageddon

    In July 2012 Stewart Regan, speaking on the day the SPL unanimously rejected Rangers’ application to play in the top flight,  warned to expect a […]

    Mike Small 3rd Jan'14 14
  • Uncategorized

    Northern Lights

    Thirteen years ago this month, I went into my Higher Maths exam determined to get 100%. Most of my classmates went in hoping to maybe […]

    Doug Daniel 6th May'12 6
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