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  • Commentary

    Notes on the Crisis: Continuity Trump

    The crisis here, the discontinuity, is the collapse of the Republican Party. American social attitudes haven’t changed that much, Hillary won the popular vote handsomely, […]

    Gordon Guthrie 20th Nov'16 21
  • International

    Dystopian America

      Execution by robot, noise cannon, tasers, summary execution – US policing suddenly appears as a proto-techno fascism in full flight. Yes the police work […]

    Mike Small 11th Jul'16 5
  • Civil Liberties

    A Signature Quilt for Danette Chavis

    Police brutality in there USA is interacting with social media and civil rights in a brand new way that’s affecting the law,  relationships with the state […]

    16th Jun'15 6
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