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Independence Referendum

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    21st Mar'15 30
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    The Fire Next Time

    Each week up until the RIC conference we’ll be writing and commissioning practical movement-building suggestions and ideas. Here’s our first. Nobody’s going back in any […]

    Mike Small 1st Nov'14 23
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    And It was All Yellow

    Nicola Sturgeon began a national roadshow in Edinburgh this week, with further events planned in Dumfries, Dundee, Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow, where she is set to […]

    Mike Small 30th Oct'14 34
  • Arts & Culture

    Indy Knitting?

    As part of our new Celebrating Yes series this is a story of sovereignty, women, media and knitting. Jessie McLaughlin reports. Knitting a Nation involved […]

    Jessie McLaughlin 21st Oct'14 10
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    Among the Atavists

    (republished with thanks from The Disorder of Things) If there is one especially lazy characterization among the many about Scotland’s independence referendum, it is the […]

    Jamie Allinson 14th Sep'14 4
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    The Numbers Game

    Politics & Polling in the Independence Referendum. Polls are the Campaign. An exclusive look at the dark art of political polling in the Scottish Independence […]

    Mike Small 25th Aug'14 3
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    Elaine Mulcahy 2nd May'14 72
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    Why Anti-Nationalists Should Vote Yes

    Another speech, another volley of insults between Labour and the SNP. This time it’s Ed Miliband saying that the SNP ‘can’t be narrow nationalists and serve […]

    Fraser MacDonald 21st Mar'14 37
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    Culture Club

    The List’s indy issue is really odd. Promising ‘a range of cultural voices’ I thought of all the papers out there The List has managed […]

    Mike Small 30th Jan'14 16
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    Kevin Brown 10th Jan'14 25
  • Arts & Culture

    Cafe Democracy

    What’s the connection between the independence referendum, pop up cafes and Helsinki? Bear with me. Restaurants and cafes are rarely seen as centres of radical […]

    Lesley Riddoch 6th Jan'14 12
  • Autonomism

    Independent Renaissances?

    Independent Renaissances? Narratives for radical Human Ecology in Scotland The Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) is calling for scholars who would like to explore Scottish […]

    Mike Small 4th Dec'13 1
  • Backing Bella

    Backing Bella

    The time for complaining about the media is over, now it’s time to change it. Help us develop in this crucial year ahead. In October […]

    Mike Small 14th Nov'13 2
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    Kevin Williamson 25th Oct'13 6
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