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Project Fear

  • Commentary

    In Defence of Social Media

    Somehow we need to reclaim the tools of social media that have been captured by corporate interest and the political elite and used as a […]

    Mike Small 25th Mar'18 23
  • Film and Animation

    Altered State 2

    The second part of Phantom Power’s doc on the referendum … ‘begins with the increasingly desperate ‘No’ campaign arranging Her Majesty’s backing. The impact of […]

    Phantom Power 8th Nov'15 6
  • Moodievision

    MoodieVision: Rise Of The Separatists

    Series 2 Episode 9 of MoodieVision animation. PROJECT FEAR: Rise Of The Separatists The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ […]

    Greg Moodie 16th Sep'15 0
  • Review

    The People’s Referendum

    In the weeks and months leading up to September’s referendum, Peter Geoghegan travelled across Scotland – and Europe – meeting people on all sides of […]

    2nd Feb'15 24
  • Women
    17th Mar'14 5
  • Commentary

    50 Questions The No Camp Must Answer

    They’re an evasive mob when quizzed about what will happen in the event of a No vote.  No seems to stand for No Alt White […]

    Mike Small 13th Jan'14 11
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