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    A Pinochet for Our Times

    Rupert Murdoch has apparently taken to the skies to protect the UK part of his media empire from the consequences of its misdeeds. There seems […]

    Christopher Harvie 9th Jul'11 1
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    Hari’s Game

    Many years ago I was interviewed for a national newspaper by one of its senior journalists.  The interview took place in Glasgow, on a Saturday […]

    Kevin Williamson 29th Jun'11 7
  • Commentary

    Naming the Movement

    The early 21st century is marked by a profusion of initiatives that bring people together to discuss and explore big questions. It amounts to a […]

    Keith Kahn-Harris 22nd Jun'11 7
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    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    It’s difficult to know how to respond to Kevin McKenna’s weekend piece of writing in the Observer ‘If We Buy Taransay We Can Save the […]

    Mike Small 6th Jun'11 48
  • Identity

    End of the World: Not Many Affected

    If you were looking at Thursday 19 May’s evening news on BBC Scotland, hoping to see details of the Cabinet changes, and blinked, you’d miss […]

    Christopher Harvie 26th May'11 0
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    Joan McAlpine 24th May'11 15
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    London Calling

    Peter Preston – who was the editor of the Guardian for 20 years (1975-1995) – penned a brief little sketch about the demise of the […]

    Mike Small 2nd May'11 1
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    From our friends over at festivalslab: Now that the wedding is out the way, the world can now focus on The Next Thing…namely Culture Hack […]

    Mike Small 2nd May'11 0
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    Stop the Facebook Purge!

    We demand the reinstatement of all the political Facebook accounts blocked in the run-up to the royal wedding, and that Facebook release an official apology […]

    Mike Small 29th Apr'11 6
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    Mike Small 26th Apr'11 2
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    Kevin Williamson 19th Apr'11 14
  • Arts & Culture

    Mapping Online Scotland

    Following the Scottish tradition of visual thinking, Bella C and collaborators will be charting online activity over the summer of 2011. Inspired by the above […]

    Mike Small 9th Apr'11 3
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    Gerry Hassan 7th Apr'11 0
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    STV Lost Leaders Debate

    Last night’s STV Leaders debate was missing much: quality production, coherent format and Patrick Harvie, leader of the Scottish Greens a party – according to […]

    Mike Small 30th Mar'11 3

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