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    1st Apr'15 5
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    24th Mar'15 4
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    Denigration and Spite

    By Mike Small Chris Deerin famously wrote that ‘Scots have a clear moral duty to stay British’ . He was head of comment at the Telegraph till […]

    21st Mar'15 19
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    How Corrupt is Britain?

    David Whyte – ‘How Corrupt is Britain?’ (Pluto, 2015) “Corruption reproduces and concentrates power …”

    21st Feb'15 5
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    The People’s Referendum

    In the weeks and months leading up to September’s referendum, Peter Geoghegan travelled across Scotland – and Europe – meeting people on all sides of […]

    2nd Feb'15 24
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    The Liberty Tree

    Kenny McAskill reviews The Liberty Tree – The Stirring Story of Thomas Muir And Scotland’s First Fight For Democracy by Murray Armstrong Word Power Books, […]

    Kenny McAskill 18th Dec'14 12
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    Writer’s Bloc

    I’m being Inspired by Independence (Word Power Books) edited by Ross Colquhoun and Christopher Silver and in particular the work of Lyndsay Allardyce (great gulls!); […]

    Mike Small 20th Jul'14 10
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    Book of the Day

    Stephen O Donnell’s debut novel Paradise Road is a coming of age tale about a young footballer whose dream falls apart and takes a different […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'14 0
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    Book of the Day

    A Bird is  Not a Stone Edited by Henry Bell and Sarah Irving (Freight Books, Glasgow) is the first major collection of contemporary Palestinian poetry […]

    Mike Small 2nd Jun'14 0
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    Bigotry, Football and Scotland

    Scots in general love football, but we’re not very good at it. Football talk in this country frequently centres around off-field issues, touching on social […]

    Dominic Brown 23rd Jan'14 8
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    Republic of Books

    There’s quite a commotion about a book – The Claim of Scotland – published in 1968 by HJ Paton. It’s as though some have come […]

    Mike Small 13th Jan'14 22
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    Adequately Explained by Stupidity?

    Adequately Explained by Stupidity? – Lockerbie, Luggage and Lies by Morag G. Kerr, Troubadour Publishing Ltd Most of us who are old enough will remember […]

    Graeme Purves 3rd Jan'14 10
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    Book Report

    There seems to be an outpouring of good non-fiction titles around Scottish politics, culture and identity. I don’t know if this is just an illusion […]

    Mike Small 25th Nov'13 2

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