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Happy Christmas from Bella

BELLAxMASAs we hurtle towards a boozy-Yule I just wanted to says a tinselly thanks to all our readers, to everyone who has supported us this year, and to the volunteers who help run our Facebook group, and all of our collaborators.

Here’s our top five articles from this year:

  1. Kim Jong Lizzie. BBC footage of the Queen’s birthday with BBC commentary about Kim Jong Il’s birthday dubbed over it …

  2. Irvine Welsh reviews Paul Mason’s ‘Post Capitalism’.

  3. Laura Cameron-Lewis looks at words that don’t exist, except when they do: ‘Ootland’. 

  4. Loki on post-refererendum Scotland: ‘Scotland, the Utopia that never Was’.

5. Lesley Riddoch reflects on Jim Murphy’s time as leader. ‘End Games’.

I’m going to take a few days off and be back refreshed and revived (or something like that) to bring you more great content in three languages from correspondents at home and abroad in 2016 …


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  1. John Page says:

    Thanks, Mike for your hard work in providing such stimulation all year.
    John Page

  2. June Maxwell says:

    Happy Holidays Mike to you and your family. xx

  3. john young says:

    Be kind,be generous,any small gesture of these will benefit not only the recipient but yourself,it doesn,t take much effort but makes a huge difference to the world at large,every marathon begins with but one small step.
    Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year to all.

  4. ben madigan says:

    merry christmas to Mike , all the staff and all the posters. Hope you all have a great time and come back ready for battle in the new year.
    Here’s a true confession and pressies for everyone!

  5. Shehanne Moore says:

    Happy Christmas and ah the best fir next year.

  6. Jon Buchanan says:

    Excellent choices on the top 5, must have been a difficult list to compile it’s been such a strong year for articles up in here, keep fighting the good fights! Thanks for all you and everyone at Bella does Mike, a joyous Yuletide and health, wealth, happiness and above all peace to you all for 2016!✊

  7. Fay Kennedy. says:

    Thanks to you Mike and all the great contributors at Bella. It keeps me informed and sane most days. The very best of good health and peace to you all.

  8. Peter Clive says:

    Lovely Christmas wishes … sincere, unlike Cameron …


  9. Don Coutts says:

    Thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed about life and love in this strange limbo land we are living.

    1. Thanks Don, it would be great to meet up?

  10. Ramstam says:

    Mike hope ye haed a Blythe Yule an are leukin forrit tae a guid an influential New Year in 2015.
    I hope masel that Scots cultur will be mair tae the fore in the oncoming year. A folk that disna hae confidence in itsel arna juist sae likely tae tak the muckle lowp tae Indy.
    Onywey hae a guid time – an mair pourer tae yer pen.
    tae Indy.

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