BELLAxMASAs we hurtle towards a boozy-Yule I just wanted to says a tinselly thanks to all our readers, to everyone who has supported us this year, and to the volunteers who help run our Facebook group, and all of our collaborators.

Here’s our top five articles from this year:

  1. Kim Jong Lizzie. BBC footage of the Queen’s birthday with BBC commentary about Kim Jong Il’s birthday dubbed over it …

  2. Irvine Welsh reviews Paul Mason’s ‘Post Capitalism’.

  3. Laura Cameron-Lewis looks at words that don’t exist, except when they do: ‘Ootland’. 

  4. Loki on post-refererendum Scotland: ‘Scotland, the Utopia that never Was’.

5. Lesley Riddoch reflects on Jim Murphy’s time as leader. ‘End Games’.

I’m going to take a few days off and be back refreshed and revived (or something like that) to bring you more great content in three languages from correspondents at home and abroad in 2016 …