Ruth’s idea that the Brexit transparency, or lack of it, as outlined on the much maligned Question Time, got a bit of a battering by this airing of poor old Theresa May’s rather frank outlining of the consequences of a Leave vote. Davidson, you might remember (okay unlikely) suggested the delays and confusion about the Brexit plan was just a case of getting ‘all the ducks in a row’, though she didn’t name them.

Here she is:

(There are no ducks), There is no row.

Today we’re told that ID cards for EU citizens living in the UK are being considered, though the consequences of that in Ireland is glossed over.

We’ve gone from Show us Your Teeth to ‘Papers Please’ in a month.

In a statement that comes the same week as the Investigatory Powers Bill gets ratified, Amber Rudd’s comment, supposed presumably to be soothing is anything but:

“There will be a need to have some sort of documentation. We are not going to set it out yet. We are going to do it in a phased approach to ensure that we use all the technology advantages that we are increasingly able to harness to ensure that all immigration is carefully handled.”

No ducks.