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Getting Your Ducks in a Row (Update)

Ruth’s idea that the Brexit transparency, or lack of it, as outlined on the much maligned Question Time, got a bit of a battering by this airing of poor old Theresa May’s rather frank outlining of the consequences of a Leave vote. Davidson, you might remember (okay unlikely) suggested the delays and confusion about the Brexit plan was just a case of getting ‘all the ducks in a row’, though she didn’t name them.

Here she is:

(There are no ducks), There is no row.

Today we’re told that ID cards for EU citizens living in the UK are being considered, though the consequences of that in Ireland is glossed over.

We’ve gone from Show us Your Teeth to ‘Papers Please’ in a month.

In a statement that comes the same week as the Investigatory Powers Bill gets ratified, Amber Rudd’s comment, supposed presumably to be soothing is anything but:

“There will be a need to have some sort of documentation. We are not going to set it out yet. We are going to do it in a phased approach to ensure that we use all the technology advantages that we are increasingly able to harness to ensure that all immigration is carefully handled.”

No ducks.


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  1. Mach1 says:

    The ducks in a row line was Alan Johnson’s. Davidson squirmed around trying to defend an anti-immigration fuelled Brexit with her Labour friendly Remain posturing and all the time mugging up to Dimbers and even suggesting she would have supported Postman Pat Johnson for Labour leader. And while the consent of the people is justification enough for Brexit to trundle on, Scotland’s rejection of it and the role of its parliament, whose authority depends on the consent of our people, is elided by the ruthlessly careerist Ruth.
    Sick inducing stuff all round.

    1. Alf Baird says:

      What did you expect? She is a Tory/Unionist efter aw. And Scotland’s ‘parliament’ doesn’t have any real authority, as the UK Supreme Court decision will no doubt make clear in due course. This might well be “Sick inducing” but that is the reality of colonial Scotland. Scotland’s choice is an imposed hard-brexit, or independence.

      1. c rober says:

        Sorry ALF Holyrood has power , but has chosen not to use it , and not just on this one.

        Brexit may well be the catalyst to bear its teeth instead of saying a big boy dun it.

        A single person has taken the brexit question to the supreme court , questioning the validity of prime ministerial power, aka possible dictatorship powers , even if the masses had choosen to leave the EU, if a PM were to call it without the house then its illegal without parliamentary ascent.

        SO It is purely constitutional matter , not a brexit one , in that if allowed it sets precedent and can be done again for anything , basically elevating a PM to an office of Ruler absolute , rendering parliament worthless.

        This is why there is safegaurds to prevent it , which is the basic legal argument – and where no doubt the ministers would reject the democratic will of the people if it ever gets to the open chamber , and then force a GE. Though May would possibly preempt such a thing.

        Scotland then also has a Secondary related argument which would be open to law , in that an unelected PM has removed not just the Sovereignty of a Union , in acting in the English , Welsh majority favour over that of the other two home nations majorities . So it is worth watching the match just for the ball play , just to see if the Brexit becomes the rebirth of an indy England.

        On a personal level though its jist a PITA for me , I have some hedges going on and the uncertainty is hampering those decisions , so just how might the state within a state the bankers of the city of London feeling when their decisions are worth 100s of billions that are riding on it. Remember over 30 percent of UK GDP comes from London , and only Scotland as a region comes a close second , making up over half of gdp combined…. so it is a little obvious where the funding is coming from for the legal experts.

  2. Caroline Innes says:

    There is a really serious problem emerging for Scotland. In its motion in the UK Parliament today Laboutris committing itself to supporting the best deal for the UK – not Scotland – and not to block Art 50. Labour’s overall objective is to achieve tariff free access to the Single Market. This is a long way short of full single market membership and the First Minister’s 5 points which Labour in Scotland used to support. The danger is that we do not get devolved powers on migration to allow us to operate free movement of EU citizens in Scotland while controls are put in place south of the border. If we don’t get this we will suffer population decline, key economic sectors will suffer and our new powers on taxation will be worthless. It is a disgraceful sell out by the UK parties.

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