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Civil Liberties

  • Civil Liberties

    Casa Padre and the Banality of Evil

    One of the images in the Casa Padre shelter in Brownsville, Texas, is a large mural of President Donald Trump with a quote (rendered in […]

    18th Jun'18 6
  • Civil Liberties
    Fuad Alakbarov 10th Sep'17 5
  • Civil Liberties

    The Rise of Illiberal Democracy

    The recent “Unite the Right” march by a couple of hundred white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists across the University of Virginia campus offered […]

    Henry Giroux 18th Aug'17 4
  • Austerity Britain
    Karen Gregory 14th Aug'16 6
  • Civil Liberties

    Out to Kill

    “Whose arms are killing Yemen civilians?” Our arms are. Amnesty writes: “In a new report released today, the Control Arms Coalition names France, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Spain, […]

    Mike Small 26th Feb'16 12
  • Civil Liberties

    Football, Politics and Police

    Scottish football has always been plagued by outside political interference. As far back as a century ago when the establishment searched for a club where they […]

    Sean Baillie 13th Feb'16 33
  • Civil Liberties

    Mainstreaming Watergate

    There was once a scandal so big that every abuse of political power since has been named after it. It led to the indictments of […]

    Maggie Chapman 20th Oct'15 6
  • Civil Liberties
    21st Aug'15 17
  • Civil Liberties
    Phil Miller 20th Aug'15 0
  • Civil Liberties

    A Signature Quilt for Danette Chavis

    Police brutality in there USA is interacting with social media and civil rights in a brand new way that’s affecting the law,  relationships with the state […]

    16th Jun'15 6
  • Civil Liberties

    Human Rights Act 1, Scene 3

    The debate about the Human Rights Act is confused and confusing. ‘So what is to be done? And what is the new Tory government proposing? […]

    Lallands Peat Worrier 4th Jun'15 23
  • Civil Liberties

    Brit Democracy

    Kate Smurthwaite ‏tweeted us to say: “During my show at #OccupyDemocracy the police surged in and arrested a man for sleeping on a piece of […]

    Kate Smurthwaite 26th Oct'14 5
  • Civil Liberties

    The Internet is Being Recast

    The incredible bigotry and misogyny cast against Caroline Criado-Perez and Stella Creasy on Twitter, Cameron’s proposals to combat abusive imagery and the secret Soca list […]

    Mike Small 31st Jul'13 6
  • Civil Liberties

    Beyond a Politics of Resentment

    A new generation is emerging, arguing for Scottish independence on a radical, inclusive basis. Liam O’Hare, one of the organisers of the Farage protest is […]

    Liam O'Hare 20th May'13 42

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