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Scottish Independence

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    Engerland swings like a pendulum do

    by Irvine Welsh I’ve lived most of my adult life in England. A fair chunk of my family, in London and the Black Country, are […]

    8th Apr'15 162
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    An English Labourman Speaks

    Dave Cohen is an English Labour supporter and he’s come here to look for a genuine way forward that maximises Scottish autonomy. Last summer in […]

    19th Mar'15 117
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    Gold Dust

    By Mike Small “You may write me down in history, With your bitter twisted lies, You may tread me in the very dirt But still, […]

    27th Feb'15 51
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    Indyref Awards 3

      In the last feature on the #indyrefawards we hear from Michael Geenwell, creator of the Scottish Independence Podcasts.  Voting closes tomorrow. If you haven’t […]

    22nd Jan'15 6
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    Indyref Awards 2

    Voting closes this week for the #indyref awards. We feature some of the runners and riders. There will  also be special Bella awards in the […]

    20th Jan'15 11
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    Risk and the Union

    By Mike Small As the institutional violence promised before the referendum now sets in, and as Labour acolytes get jumpy nearer the General Election, it’s […]

    3rd Jan'15 139
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    The Vitality of Yes

    At the end of this remarkable year, what stands out most clearly for me is that the Yes campaign has changed Scotland in ways that […]

    Blair Jenkins 19th Dec'14 17
  • Economics

    Black Swans in a Scotch Mist

    A Black Swan is a term coined by former Wall Street Trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb to describe an event which is so unlikely or unpredictable […]

    Jack Rowling 11th Dec'14 30
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    A New Start for Socialism

    It seems like Allan Grogan agrees with Len McCluskey that Jim Murphy would be a ‘a death sentence for Labour’. So this article isn’t about […]

    Allan Grogan 14th Nov'14 35
  • Commentary

    The Next Step for the RIC

    In the aftermath of the No vote, we have seen a massive rise in people joining the SNP though Greens and SSP have also saw […]

    Conor Cheyne 4th Nov'14 112
  • Gender Equality
    Cat Boyd 2nd Nov'14 4
  • Commentary
    Patrick Scott Hogg 12th Oct'14 198
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Why anarchists should vote ‘Yes’

    This piece by Thomas Swann contributed to the debate between authors like Gordon Asher, Leigh French and Richard Gunn, and draws on arguments from Israeli anarchist Uri Gordon […]

    Thomas Swann 16th Sep'14 6
  • Environmental Justice
    Mike Small 16th Sep'14 3
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