Paul Krugman, what the heck?

It is the UK’s parlous position, that is giving financial markets their ongoing jitters, not Scotland’s economic prospects argues James Meadway. Reading the media representation would make you think it’s the other way around. Respected economist Paul Krugman, a vociferous opponent of… Read More ›

The Plan B Phoney War

By John S Warren No human being would decide the destiny of their country on the existential basis of a ‘Plan B’ for currency union. For Better Together the issue is, however crucial because, as demonstrated by Alistair Darling’s single-mindedness;… Read More ›


By John S Warren The NIESR “Monetary Union and Fiscal Constraints” (No.288, May, 2014) argues that currency union will not work because the evidence shows that such currency unions have not tended to last. Unfortunately the evidence presented by NIESR… Read More ›

Reporting from Inchinnan

By Daibhidh Rothach The cliches from Unite, Soften the blow, Doing everything we can, Dismayed, which accompanied the announcement of redundancies at the Rolls Royce plant in Inchinnan earlier this year, were perhaps designed to assuage the union’s feelings of… Read More ›

Money Trouble

By Mike Small Now that is embarrassing. After weeks of carefully contrived coordination between Tories red, blue and yellow, the Great Currency Union Bluff seems to have fallen apart with an inadvisable briefing to the Guardian’s chief political correspondent Nick… Read More ›

Standard but Poor

By James Maxwell With the publication of the 2012/13 GERS figures this morning, the fiscal case for Scottish independence has ‘collapsed’. Or so says Iain Gray, Scottish Labour’s shadow finance secretary. The reality, as ever, is rather different. GERS shows… Read More ›

Supple Minds

‘The independence referendum is, in a stark way, beginning to reveal the real lines of power and authority inside the UK’ writes the  NEF’s James Meadway The referendum on Scottish independence is provoking political convulsions in Westminster. With polls showing… Read More ›

Missing The Risk

by Jim Cuthbert   Section 1: Introduction. The Office of Budget Responsibility, (OBR), was created by George Osborne in 2010, with its main duty being to examine and report on the sustainability of the public finances. Central to the OBR’s… Read More ›

Do Nothing Eddie

By Jamie Maxwell Scottish Labour is fond of highlighting the regressive elements of the SNP’s economic policy. Alex Salmond has signed his party up to corporation tax cuts, monetary union (tying an independent Scotland to a “sub-optimal currency zone” which,… Read More ›

Poverty Myths

By David Eyre In a recent column for The Scotsmani, the former Labour minister Brian Wilson highlights important research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, showing how people’s attitudes to poverty have changed over the years. I want to look at… Read More ›

Escher Politics

By Mike Small Under pressure from those who feel soiled by sharing a platform with the Tories (though oddly feel no problem in them running our country with no mandate) Labour today launch their very own No campaign: ‘Better Together… Read More ›


By Daniel Wylie The recent debate over the currency to be used by an independent Scotland has been drearily familiar.  The Yes camp point to the report of the Scottish Government’s Fiscal Commission and claim that the case for a… Read More ›

Relentless Egalitaliarism

In what is (slightly comically) known as my ‘spare time’ I am Secretary of the Scottish Independence Convention. We issued a statement celebrating the date being set for Independence Day, and stated that the Scottish Independence Convention believes this is… Read More ›

Hard Money

By Callum McCormick Venezuela’s announcement on 8 February of an immediate currency devaluation was neither unprecedented nor unexpected. Despite government officials’ repeated insistence they were not considering it, most Venezuelans accepted that devaluation had become a grim inevitability. With inflation hovering… Read More ›

Tax Haven Toolkit

No, it’s not a DIY guide to looting your country’s wealth but an activists kit to present the case for Tax Justice to folk in your own community.  When a swimming pool or library shuts, public sector staff are laid off,… Read More ›

Just Say No

By Mike Small The start of the No campaign came after a month-long trail of visceral criticisms of the Yes Scotland launch. With a gushing media presence at the ready the packed room was led by ex Chancellor, Alistair Darling…. Read More ›