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    Liz Thomson 8th Jul'17 5
  • Film and Animation

    Zombie Apocalypse in Jockistan

    Creative Scotland today announce a brand new film studio based in Granton, with the blockbuster ‘Zombie Apocalypse in Jockistan’ directed by Lynn Ramsay to open […]

    6th Jun'17 4
  • Film and Animation

    Journey to Yes 14 – Farming

    Hilary and Carey are organic farmers in South Lanark who voted No in 2014 and are now passionate Yes supporters. They are amongst 67,000 people […]

    3rd Jun'17 1
  • Film and Animation

    An Erosion of Respect

    Sophie Grace-Chappell – a highly regarded Professor of Philosophy at The Open University – makes a powerful and articulate explanation of her journey from No […]

    24th May'17 4
  • Film and Animation

    What was Done

    Two weeks ago we launched the new film by Edinburgh film-maker Bonnie Prince Bob and his team, What was Done. The film treads the line […]

    Mike Small 13th May'17 8
  • Film and Animation
    2nd May'17 7
  • Film and Animation

    What was Done

    This film has been censored. We ask for people to share and copy it. Do not give in to political intimidation. Dial M for Murdo […]

    Dial M for Murdo 1st May'17 34
  • Film and Animation

    On Separatists and Extremists

    This is real audio from a real speech in 2017 in which the Prime Minister of Britain compares those who argue for self-determination for Scotland […]

    Stewart Bremner 1st May'17 0
  • Film and Animation

    What was Done

    Bonnie Prince Bob reflects on the political history that led to the appointment of England’s greatest ever Prime Minister ‘Jeremy Corbyn’. Enjoy and share.   […]

    28th Apr'17 46
  • Film and Animation

    Folk Film Gathering 2017

    This year our programme for the Folk Film Gathering (29th April to 13th May at Edinburgh Filmhouse and the Scottish Storytelling Centre) consciously sets out […]

    Jamie Chambers 27th Apr'17 4
  • Film and Animation

    Jock Tamson’s Bairns

    Bella is very proud to support this great new project… PERSPECTIVE is a Scottish politics and arts show created on a super low budget but […]

    Phantom Power 3rd Mar'17 26
  • Film and Animation

    T2: Trainspotting

    Alan Bissett reviews the Trainspotting sequel for Bella. For the past few weeks I’ve been asking anyone I meet – friends, family, taxi drivers, barmen, […]

    Alan Bissett 23rd Jan'17 18
  • Film and Animation

    Red Carpet from Cuba to Scotland

    “Building bridges based on the belief that film becomes art only when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil & paper. Cine Pobre Film Festival […]

    Chris Bartter 7th Nov'16 1
  • Arts & Culture

    The Real Mystery of Flannan Isle

    So the fantastic tale of the Flannan Isles lighthouse is going to be made into a film directed by the award-winning Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm, and […]

    Mike Small 1st Nov'16 26

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