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    The Edge of Empire

    This Saturday Christopher Harvie (‘A Floating Commonwealth‘) and Michael Gardiner are at Word Power Books, Edinburgh. This is an extract from Michael’s ‘At the Edge […]

    Mike Small 10th May'12 0
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    George Gunn 11th Apr'12 6
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    Mike Small 22nd Mar'12 6
  • Film and Animation

    Review: The Iron Lady

    (Streeps) easly as good as Rory Bremner and miles better than Mike Yarwood…

    Kevin Williamson 12th Feb'12 4
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    Mike Small 16th Dec'11 0
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    Bella Review

    What are we reading at the moment? Each month we’ll be publishing a series of book, film and music reviews. If you want to write […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'11 5
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    Iain Banks & The Culture

    Steve Arnott takes a personal look at the ‘Culture’ novels of Iain Banks and argues that sceptics of the genre are missing out on something […]

    Steve Arnott 18th May'11 10
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    Kevin Williamson 8th Apr'11 6
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    Kevin Williamson 16th Feb'11 0
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    Dream State

    “Appalled by the rigged referendum of 1979 which in closing the door to home rule, opened the gates to Thatcher, Morgan insisted on Scotland’s imaginative […]

    Donny O'Rourke 20th Jan'11 1
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    Scotland Deformed?

    The label “Bella Caledonia” below the portrait of the main character on p. 45 of Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things (1992) – surely familiar to readers […]

    Kirsten Stirling 9th Nov'10 1
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    Bombing Kelpies

    A review of the journal, Dark Mountain, Vol. 1, Summer 2010 The editors of Bella have kindly drawn my attention to this debate about the […]

    Alastair McIntosh 30th Jun'10 6
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    The Democracy Of Books

    “I’m of the opinion that authors should avoid reviewing books of their peers” Philip Kerr.   There’s been a nice wee authorial square-go erupted between […]

    Kevin Williamson 2nd Jun'10 3
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    Broonland – Two Views

    Verso have just published Chris Harvie’s Broonland (available at Word Power Books) described as: ‘an essential anatomy of New Labour’s bankrupt policies and a caustic […]

    Pat Kane 27th Mar'10 0

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