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  • Scots

    A Catalogue o Sair Neglect

    As the weans stert back at the schuil, Ayrshire dominie John Hodgart, in the first o fower essays, spells oot why historically the fecht tae […]

    John Hodgart 18th Aug'16 7
  • #Indyref2
    Hannah Wright 18th Aug'16 6
  • Arts & Culture
    Karen Mailley-WattRachael Purse 17th Aug'16 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Art and the Future

    A great reply here from Murdo Macdonald to Jonathon Jones piece ‘Why Scotland should follow its art and vote no to independence’ This is a […]

    Murdo Macdonald 24th Jul'14 10
  • Arts & Culture


    Like many people today my first waking moments were filled with thoughts about the Macintosh building at Glasgow School of Art, and how yesterday seemed […]

    Janie Nicoll 24th May'14 9
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Revolutions in Reverse

    Essays on Politics, Violence, Art, and Imagination Capitalism as we know it appears to be coming apart. But as financial institutions stagger and crumble, there […]

    Mike Small 4th Nov'11 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Another Kick at the Ball?

    As the arts is an area where the SNP record is highly contentious, it’s interesting to hear Alan Cummings view on the Holyrood election

    Mike Small 30th Mar'11 2
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