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  • Education

    The Idea of a Scottish University

    Simply put, Scottish students are a much less attractive commercial proposition for university Principals and Vice-Chancellors. An English student is over five times more financially […]

    David Kelly 12th Dec'17 29
  • Education

    A Restricted View

    As Adam Bienkov remarks (listening to the PM): “Almost everything in Theresa May’s grammar school speech is the exact opposite of the truth.” As the […]

    Paul Tritschler 9th Sep'16 11
  • Scots

    A Catalogue o Sair Neglect

    As the weans stert back at the schuil, Ayrshire dominie John Hodgart, in the first o fower essays, spells oot why historically the fecht tae […]

    John Hodgart 18th Aug'16 7
  • Education
    James McEnaney 24th May'16 13
  • Commentary

    The Invisible College

    Time lapse video animation of Rolf Roscher (ERZ) producing a wall drawing of his Kilmahew/St Peter’s map for NVA’s exhibition at The Lighthouse, film by Basharat […]

    Basharat Khan 14th Nov'14 0
  • Commentary
    Douglas Robertson 30th Aug'14 8
  • Commentary

    Dismantling Scottish Education

    Gordon Brown has entered the referendum campaign with the subtlety and strategic wit of a wrecking ball. As the No campaign pose for a photo-opp […]

    Mike Small 17th Jun'14 43
  • Education

    New Public Thinkers

    In the week that the Tory-Liberals have signed the death-knell for democratic access to higher education in England, and on the day where Alex Salmond […]

    Mike Small 13th Dec'10 12
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