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  • Identity

    I Come from Where?

    “Where do you come from?” is a question everybody gets asked.  Maybe when you’re at a party with your kids, standing awkwardly next to other […]

    Mark Smith 16th Mar'18 6
  • Commentary
    Raman Mundair 5th Jan'18 67
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    This is our island, keep swimming

    Here in Shetland a new campaign group has been formed, with the aim of gaining autonomy for the islands. The group, Wir Shetland, was launched […]

    Mark Smith 20th Oct'15 81
  • Commentary

    We the People of Shetland

    AN OPEN LETTER from the pressure group “We the People of Shetland” calling on political parties in the isles to back their call for a […]

    29th May'15 27
  • Commentary

    The Gummy Bear Omnishambles

    By Mike Small How have things changed in a few short months? Ireland, supposed European cradle of reactionary catholic conservatism has delivered an inspiring celebration […]

    Mike Small 24th May'15 36
  • Media

    The Big Other is Watching You

    By Mark Smith Most big stories in today’s media include analyses of the way social media reacts to the events being reported. If a politician […]

    11th Apr'15 30
  • Arts & Culture

    FILM: Sullom by Roseanne Watt

    In a new departure for Bella, we present a filmpoem, ‘Sullom’. Roseanne is a young poet and film-maker from Shetland. She says: This filmpoem was […]

    Roseanne Watt 26th Nov'14 10
  • Commentary

    True North

    We’ve covered attempts to manipulate the democratic process before (‘The Shetland Card’). Here Malachy Tallack reports on the latest efforts to bring the Northern Isles […]

    Malachy Tallack 22nd Mar'14 36
  • Commentary

    The Shetland Card

      For the last couple of years the Liberal MSPs Tavish Scott (Shetland) and Liam McArthur (Orkney) plus the Tory relic Malcolm Sinclair (Earl of […]

    George Rosie 12th Dec'13 42
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    Island Voice

    A central theme of Bella Caledonia’s new journal, Closer, is that democracy must become more localised – decisions should be made as near to the […]

    Malachy Tallack 27th Sep'13 15
  • Commentary


    Later this year we’ll be publishing  a paper looking at how independence represents an opportunity to bring democracy closer to people – but also an […]

    Mike Small 25th Jul'13 10
  • Europe
    Mike Small 19th Mar'13 0
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