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    George Gunn 21st Jun'18 4
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    The Russians Aren’t Coming

    The Russia’s aren’t coming. They’re not coming to steal our food banks and they’re not coming up the Clyde any time soon. They’re already here […]

    Mike Small 13th Mar'18 20
  • Brexit

    Last Brexit Hero

    A new dawn is breaking … meet David Spokesperson By Shaun @Shiny02

    10th Dec'17 1
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    John Warren 5th Jul'15 16
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    The Only Way is Down

    Some notes on the election result from Dougald Hine. So, good morning. I’m afraid it’s true: that nightmare you had, it wasn’t a dream. Let […]

    Dougald Hine 8th May'15 36
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    Is Sanity About to Break Out?

    By Peter ArnottAs I write, Ed Miliband has just declared that the Labour Party will not enter in to a coalition with the SNP. Given […]

    16th Mar'15 105
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    Tax-Dodging is Theft

    UK Gold – Trailer and Soundtrack Think Britain’s a poor country in need of austerity cuts? Think again. The UK Gold is essential viewing. An […]

    25th Feb'15 2
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    Some Notes Against Complacency

    By Pat Kane In the midst of my own lunchtime cartwheels over the recent Ashcroft polls yesterday – showing Scottish Labour’s potential evaporation, constituency by constituency, by […]

    5th Feb'15 50
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    Neoliberalism vs the Deep State

    By Alistair Livingston This began as an article called ‘What is neoliberalism?’ after I read an article by Gerry Hassan criticising radical independence campaigners for […]

    13th Jan'15 55
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    Mina Salman and Back to Suez

    William Ramsay explores Britain’s new imperial venture. Some historic decisions don’t appear to be at the time. Announcing them on a Saturday doesn’t help either […]

    William Ramsay 7th Dec'14 15
  • Austerity Britain
    Jamie Szymkowiak 24th Oct'14 10
  • Economics

    Smith and the Subsidy Myth Makers

    The following is a letter we have today sent to the Director General of the BBC. The issue is extremely important given the negotiations that […]

    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 8th Oct'14 73
  • Austerity Britain
    Laura Eaton-Lewis 16th Sep'14 32
  • Austerity Britain

    UK Benefits Crisis

    There is plenty evidence that the British benefits system, with its associated tax and employment policies, has been failing Scotland for a long time, (along […]

    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 7th Sep'14 12
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