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    Nadine Aisha 19th Aug'16 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Poetry – The Watt Selection

    Our second instalment of poetry this week comes from Roseanne Watt a poet and PhD student at the University of Stirling, reading in the disciplines of […]

    Roseanne Watt 18th Aug'16 0
  • Poetry
    Orla-Jo ní Dhúill 18th Aug'16 5
  • Scots

    Tak Tent O Violet Jacob (1863-1946)

    It’s time tae tak tent o the Scottish weemin o the early 20th century for thair muckle contribution tae the airts and cultur in modern […]

    Lisa Simmons 30th May'16 7
  • Arts & Culture

    Settling: Theresa Muñoz

    Theresa Muñoz is a poet and critic whose debut collection ‘Settle’, published last month by Vagabond Voices, explores themes of national identity, immigration, racism and […]

    25th May'16 7
  • Scots

    Still Got Nae

    Kevin Murphy’s latest Scots poem is pure and radge and noo. still goat nae ile, still goat nae gas, still goat nae croon estate cash […]

    Kevin Murphy 19th Feb'16 10
  • Scots

    The News in Poetry

    Peter Burnett reflecks on the recent season o dool and mishanter aroond the warld in this pouerfu new Doric poem ‘The News in Poetry – […]

    Peter Burnett 22nd Jan'16 4
  • Arts & Culture

    Spoken in Scotland: Part 2

    Can it really be said that one poem, or one poet, is “better” than another? Judging from the comments on the first part of this […]

    1st Jan'16 13
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    Bram E Gieben 9th Dec'15 61
  • Commentary

    Get a SHIFT On

    By Cal McGregor Poetry has long had a special place in Scottish culture. Anywhere that can hold Tom Leonard, Kathleen Jamie and Ivor Cutler in […]

    22nd Apr'15 27
  • Commentary

    The best of both worlds

          They come together the burghers of London to steal our chattels so that we can rent them back because this to them […]

    George Gunn 15th Sep'14 0
  • Poetry

    The Republic of Hope

    To conclude (but not close) our week long celebration of women writers  – we’re delighted to publish a handful of poems by Lorna Waite, from her […]

    12th Nov'10 1
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