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Thank you, Mike.


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  1. Wul says:

    Bella Caledonia has been an unbeatable source of information, understanding and debate for me. It has massively broadened the range of writers and voices I get to hear. More power to you and your contributors and “thank you” for all that you have produced.

    I’m happy to chip in a small contribution. Hopefully I can increase it a wee bit later this year, when my meagre pension kicks in.

    1. Thanks Wul! Very much appreciated

  2. Frank Mahann says:

    Spiked as I understand it used to be called Living Marxism. It’s curious the number of old Trots who have moved to the Right. A splendid example is Baroness Claire Fox.

  3. Alistair Taylor says:

    This Aberdonian is reaching for his wallet right now.

    I kid you not.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Alistair Taylor says:

      Aye, ok.
      This Aberdonian clicked on the paid supporter underscore, and the £5/month underscore, and in both cases it said “it looks like this link is broken”. Aye, right. Fix it then, said my Dad.
      (Who left school at 15 and served his time in the shipyards of Aberdeen, but has never touched a computer in his life, and is not going to start now.)

      Aye, try, try, and try again.
      On the other hand, I could just meet you in Edinburgh some time and slip £50 into your hand.
      Or, I can keep making these 2 cents worth comments until they add up to something. Or get rounded down to zero.

      Keep up platform for people to sound off.
      For what it’s worth (nothing), my preference for new SNP leader is Kate Forbes.
      But, as far as the “independence movement” goes, everyone needs to take their turn at being a leader now and then. It’s the only way that people learn.
      The only way that people learn to speak, walk, run, talk, is by doing it.
      Get aff yir arse, Scotland, and fucking do it!
      (That’s ma 2 cents worth. But round it down tae zero. Free.)

      1. Hi Alistair – ah no! Try here: https://bellacaledonia.org.uk/donate

        Thanks so much – greatly appreciated – especially as everyone is skint.


  4. You probably don’t need them but here’s a great example of what’s wrong in (public) broadcast media. This is one of the founders of GBNEWS now taking over as director of news programming at the BBC:


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