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    Now What?

    Two great gatherings coming up this week about the massive political events we’re going through. If you have other events coming up – let us know and we’ll […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 11th May'15 13
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    By Bella Caledonia Editor 18th Nov'14 4
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    On RIC 2014

    RIC’s Jonathon Shafi looks ahead to Saturday’s gathering and lays out some of the ways that this has been curated into a more participatory forward-focused […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 17th Nov'14 8
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    Songs for Scotland the Album

    Above the stage at Oran Mor in Glasgow is a painted sign: ‘Let Scotland flourish by telling the truth’. Alasdair Gray painted it there when he heard that […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 14th Aug'14 0
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    London Calling

    As part of our English for Yes series here’s details of an important event organised by Red Pepper and openDemocracy ‘The Radical Case for Scottish […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 25th Jun'14 13
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    Miriam Brett from Aye Talks

    The inspiring Miriam Brett from Shetland speaks from the heart at Aye Talks (for more go here )…

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 7th Jun'14 14
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    The News Where You Are

    The News Where You Are as read by James Robertson, from the Bus Party (Kingskettle) The Bus Party is a touring group of artists, listening […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 6th Jun'14 9
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    Yes East Ayrshire

    Full coverage of the entire Yes East Ayrshire Indy debate that took place in the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock on Monday 12th May 2014 With […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 16th May'14 0
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    Signs of In(ter)dependence

    ‘The run up to Scottish Referendum has inspired a re-examination the relationships, tensions and dialogues between the constituent parts of the Atlantic Archipelago and its […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 17th Mar'14 2
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    Bella Fundraising Night

    We loved the No campaign’s idea that independence is a One Way Ticket to an Unknown Destination so much we’re calling our fundraising night after […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 4th Dec'13 0
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    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 27th Nov'13 0
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    One Way Ticket

    You are invited to Bella at the Voodoo Rooms: to celebrate 10,000 followers on Twitter – and in aid of our fundraising campaign – Edinburgh, Sunday […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 26th Nov'13 2
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    RIC Coming Soon

    Register now for the RIC 2013:

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 6th Nov'13 0
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    Yes Fife

    Two great Yes events coming up in the Kingdom… Tuesday 29th October at the Jubilee Tavern, Burntisland, 7.30 pm Yes Burntisland – open meeting to […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 29th Oct'13 7
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    The Case for Left Wing Nationalism

    The Case for Left Wing Nationalism considers the class dynamics of the constitutional debate, deconstructs the myths that underpin Scottish political culture and exposes the […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 29th Oct'13 6

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