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    Regan – the Charge Sheet

    Tom English and Henry McLeish are on the radio this morning telling us that heading up the SFA is a uniquely toxic post, and that […]

    2nd Feb'18 18
  • Football
    Mike Small 7th Nov'17 21
  • Football
    Christian Wulff 14th Apr'16 44
  • Civil Liberties

    Football, Politics and Police

    Scottish football has always been plagued by outside political interference. As far back as a century ago when the establishment searched for a club where they […]

    Sean Baillie 13th Feb'16 33
  • Football

    The Fans’ Manifesto

    “Scottish football needs and deserves a future. ” Given the widespread dismay and negativity about, it’s a good start, and the @scottishfsa manifesto to transform […]

    Mike Small 7th Jan'16 40
  • Commentary

    EBT Come Home

    It’s not been a great day for the club currently residing at Ibrox. The Scottish Championship leaders announced a loss of £7.5 m and their Chairman […]

    Mike Small 4th Nov'15 55
  • Football

    Wide Boy Attitude Kills Scotland

    The question posed in the old Radical Scotland magazine, was ‘Stands Scotland where she did’? The answer in football terms is sadly, yes. Our failure […]

    Jim Spence 9th Oct'15 51
  • Commentary

    Football Focus

    By Mike Small Two stories in the Scotsman today are hard to reconcile. In the first newly anointed Dave King announces that (just three years […]

    Mike Small 22nd May'15 5
  • Football

    The Big House and the Beautiful Game

    Some people view ‘Rangers’ as the embodiment of bigotry, gangster finance, deference and all that is worst and retrograde about Scottish society. Others take a […]

    Mike Small 29th Dec'14 89
  • Commentary

    What is Neil Doncaster For?

    Who could disagree with Barry Hearn yesterday describing Scottish football chiefs as ‘lazy, full of self-pity & with a defeatist attitude’? Very few. In November […]

    Mike Small 6th Dec'14 32
  • Commentary
    Stephen O'Donnell 10th Jul'14 19
  • Review

    Book of the Day

    Stephen O Donnell’s debut novel Paradise Road is a coming of age tale about a young footballer whose dream falls apart and takes a different […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'14 0
  • Review

    Bigotry, Football and Scotland

    Scots in general love football, but we’re not very good at it. Football talk in this country frequently centres around off-field issues, touching on social […]

    Dominic Brown 23rd Jan'14 8
  • Football

    Revisiting Armageddon

    In July 2012 Stewart Regan, speaking on the day the SPL unanimously rejected Rangers’ application to play in the top flight,  warned to expect a […]

    Mike Small 3rd Jan'14 14
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