Oh! Take me back to dear old Blighty

What does the media frenzy over Richard III tell us about Englishness? Probably nothing new. At the core of modern English identity, at least in the television version for decades, lies Shakespeare’s sceptred isle of the Tudors, a lost country where England really was England and not Britain…

Notes from Jockistan

By Mike Small Yesterday Chris Roycroft-Davis was not a happy-chappy. “When George Osborne, Chancellor of the United Kingdom, today presents a Budget that will be welcomed by millions of voters, there’ll be a spectre at the feast. The Ghost of Salmond… Read More ›

England After Scotland

by Mark Perryman In a recent Counterfire article on the Scottish referendum campaign Alex Snowdon used a rarely mentioned phrase, the ‘English Left’. Apart from a few mavericks, amongst whom I number myself, who have been arguing for a progressive Englishness for… Read More ›

The Net of Saint Andrew

Alastair McIntosh reveals some little-known sectarian pillars of UK constitutional law that fuel the Orange Order’s “loyal” opposition to Scottish independence. It wasn’t just Question Time a few weeks ago with Nigel Kirk Hanlin of Inverness – “the Braveheart of… Read More ›

Writer’s Bloc

By Mike Small I’m being Inspired by Independence (Word Power Books) edited by Ross Colquhoun and Christopher Silver and in particular the work of Lyndsay Allardyce (great gulls!); Meg Bateman on the land as the feminine principle and learning something… Read More ›

English for Yes

Next week we start a series of articles by English people supporting independence, telling the story of their journey to Yes, or why they think a Yes vote will benefit the whole of the rUK. If you’d like to take… Read More ›

Dear England

… thanks for the belated apologies yesterday. It seemed (well mostly*) sincere, so thanks for that. Apology accepted. Except, well, it was a bit confusing because some of it seemed not to be an apology at all just an excuse… Read More ›

Empire State of Mind

By Gerry Loose These are the territories and countries that could never make it without England’s support. They would fail. They would fail. American territories east of the Mississippi (in modern USA) Thirteen colonies roughly the area of Connecticut, Delaware,… Read More ›