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    Long to Reign Over Us

    The state broadcaster and the amassed media horde (grateful for something to distract us from the embarrassing phenomenon of people reclaiming their humanity in the […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 8th Sep'15 54
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    Whatever Happened to the Tories, Ma?

    All the way through the referendum, I could feel my Tory ancestors tugging away at my insides somewhere. As I watched the various intimidating manoeuvres […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 3rd Jul'15 30
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    Oh! Take me back to dear old Blighty

    What does the media frenzy over Richard III tell us about Englishness? Probably nothing new. At the core of modern English identity, at least in […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 28th Mar'15 33
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    Notes from Jockistan

    By Mike Small Yesterday Chris Roycroft-Davis was not a happy-chappy. “When George Osborne, Chancellor of the United Kingdom, today presents a Budget that will be […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 19th Mar'15 46
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    England After Scotland

    In a recent Counterfire article on the Scottish referendum campaign Alex Snowdon used a rarely mentioned phrase, the ‘English Left’. Apart from a few mavericks, amongst whom […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 23rd Sep'14 29
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    Coming Home from Coventry

    ‘No campaign spends years talking about uncertainties and demanding answers. Gives last-minute offer of maybe something, offered by someone.’ – Kieran Hurley 21 last thoughts […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 9th Sep'14 13
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    By Bella Caledonia Editor 22nd Aug'14 32
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    The Net of Saint Andrew

    Alastair McIntosh reveals some little-known sectarian pillars of UK constitutional law that fuel the Orange Order’s “loyal” opposition to Scottish independence. It wasn’t just Question […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 2nd Aug'14 51
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    Writer’s Bloc

    I’m being Inspired by Independence (Word Power Books) edited by Ross Colquhoun and Christopher Silver and in particular the work of Lyndsay Allardyce (great gulls!); […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 20th Jul'14 10
  • English for Yes
    By Bella Caledonia Editor 25th Jun'14 7
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    English for Yes

    Next week we start a series of articles by English people supporting independence, telling the story of their journey to Yes, or why they think […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 21st Jun'14 16
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    Black Rod and the Bastards

    “First they fight you, then they laugh at you.” The year, as I recall, was 1996, and John Major’s Government was in crisis. On Channel […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 30th Apr'14 6
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    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 21st Apr'14 36
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    By Bella Caledonia Editor 6th Mar'14 20
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    Dear England

    … thanks for the belated apologies yesterday. It seemed (well mostly*) sincere, so thanks for that. Apology accepted. Except, well, it was a bit confusing […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 21st Feb'14 60
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