Memo from Margo

By Lorraine Fannin As Margot MacDonald’s life was celebrated last week at an emotional farewell in Edinburgh, the message of her dying wish was trenchant and timely. It’s has been quoted widely, but deserves all the attention we can give… Read More ›

The Near Abroad

By Gavin Falconer The trouble with an Ulster Unionist berating Scottish nationalism, as John Bew has done in the New Statesman,[1] is that it invites a rather obvious and unflattering comparison. Why, a reader might ask, should one favour a… Read More ›

Irish Worldview

What are the implications for Ireland of Scotland’s referendum? Interesting Irish perspective on the referendum and the consequences for Ireland with Mark Hennessy and Paul Gillespie. “No matter how it goes, according to our analysts, the implications will be significant…. Read More ›

Irish Ayes

Britain’s Ancien Regime is in a state of flux and the current situation is loaded with potential and provides those of us striving for the maximum change in society with a historic opportunity.