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  • International
    24th Nov'15 42
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 3rd Jul'15 28
  • Commentary

    The Gummy Bear Omnishambles

    By Mike Small How have things changed in a few short months? Ireland, supposed European cradle of reactionary catholic conservatism has delivered an inspiring celebration […]

    Mike Small 24th May'15 36
  • Commentary

    On Colonialism and Lesser Britain

    Behind the bluster that has sought, somewhat over-anxiously, to articulate the Scottish Referendum result announced on 19th September, 2014 as being in some way “definitive”, […]

    John S Warren 23rd Dec'14 46
  • Austerity Britain
    Steve Rushton 15th Sep'14 11
  • Commentary
    Duncan Muir 29th Jul'14 15
  • Identity

    Open Community in the New Scotland?

    Angela Haggerty on the need for diversity and openness in the Yes campaign as a reflection of the wider aspiration for a diverse and multicultural […]

    Angela Haggerty 18th Jun'14 95
  • Commentary
    Elaine Mulcahy 2nd May'14 72
  • Commentary

    Memo from Margo

    As Margot MacDonald’s life was celebrated last week at an emotional farewell in Edinburgh, the message of her dying wish was trenchant and timely. It’s […]

    Lorraine Fannin 29th Apr'14 37
  • Commentary

    The Near Abroad

    The trouble with an Ulster Unionist berating Scottish nationalism, as John Bew has done in the New Statesman,[1] is that it invites a rather obvious […]

    Gavin Falconer 11th Mar'14 7
  • Identity

    The (Os) Bourne Identity

    Distance can lend enhancement to the view. I suspect that most people here in Ireland were not in the least surprised at the demeanor of […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 25th Feb'14 34
  • Ireland

    Irish Worldview

    What are the implications for Ireland of Scotland’s referendum? Interesting Irish perspective on the referendum and the consequences for Ireland with Mark Hennessy and Paul […]

    Mike Small 20th Feb'14 17
  • rUK

    Newco Britain?

    We continue our series of views from round the rUK and Ireland – with Phil Mac Giolla Bháin writing from Ireland… Two weeks ago I […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 18th Oct'13 19
  • Commentary

    The Threat of Independence

    The threat of an independent Scotland to the Ulster Loyalist world view is difficult to overstate. Quite simply Scottish independence is pretty close to an […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 10th Jun'13 46
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